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Started in School

Okay, the day starts out, me and my friend each have an 8th.

Okay, the day starts out, me and my friend each have an 8th. We were planning on taking them together after school because me him and this other dude was gonna chill with us. The on i was gonna take them with, his name is zack, and the other dude is sam, but he didnt trip with us.

But anyways, the day starts out as usual. Go to classes and such and I dont see zack until 3rd hour. And i just walk into class and he's just sitting there so quiet looking around the room in amazement and laughing out of no where, but he looked so happy. I go over there and walk up to him and say "whats up?", his response is "HOLY FUCK IM TRIPPIN" and i just started laughing and I say should i just take mine now, and he says yea.

But i dont wanna take them in the middle of English so i wait till 4th hour which is gym. In the locker room before class started i just downed them...not too great tasting. But im just chillin in class talking. And only one kid (in this class) knows what i did. But im not really feeling it yet, but once 40 minutes into class i was starting to get fucked up. I was playing basketball which was rather hard, but still very fun. When i would jump to shoot the ball, my jumping was in very slow motion and it seemed as if i jumped 10 feet high, and then once i got to the top of my jump i came down what felt like normal speed, but when my feet made contact with the ground it felt like i dropped out of a plane. One time i jumped as high as i could for the hell of it, all was same until i got to the ground...my legs just collapsed and i just crash to the ground looking stupid as hell. And i just remember all these dudes laughing and thats when they start to notice im on something.

Like 5 of my in-school friends get up and walk over to me and stand somewhat around me, and for no apparent reason i thought they were gonna kick my ass, so i run and they catch me. And re-assure me that they just wanna talk. But they ask if im high. I just simply say yes. And they are like oh...is that the only thing? So i just tell them that im on shrooms. And they laugh around and mess with me.

I meet up with zack in 5th hour too cause with have math 5th hour together and then lunch. And we are both trippin balls, so we are messing around in class and our math teacher is a big pot head...he was all telling us how may 20th was the best day of his life cause he was in a 3 day party in the woods and he was trippin. I just remember sitting there wishing i was there, haha. All this shit was going on in math, we have a crazy class, me and zack are somewhat hippies and my math teacher was one and still is, just not in front of regular kids. Cause they would be morons telling everone. But anyways like everyone else in the class is wanna-be ghetto kids who play the same rap song over and over every day. They all act like they will kick your ass and then you stand up to them and they back away, except for like 2 or 3 kids that are actually cool kids that are actually ghetto, but thats besides the point, the point was that so much yelling and shit was going on so i just start laughing my ass off putting my head on my desk with crazy thoughts going throw my head, seeing weird closed eye visuals. And zack is sitting there looking at the clock, and its actually totally silent in class for once and he busts out "HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! THERES A FISH IN THE CLOCK!" and i bust out laughing my ass of. And i see what he saw, but i came to realize that it was just a light reflection on the glass that was the general shape of a fish, and he said it turned into the phish logo. and everyone is just like "what the hell" cause pretty much everyone else in class doest smoke or do any drugs.

And this one girl that was in love with me was all rubbing my head. That felt so fucking good, i was so relaxed just sitting there, Enjoying the moment.

So once lunch comes around me zack and same leave school early, and go to zacks and rip the bong. We did like 6 bowls and that just blew me away, i started tripping sooo hard.

The wall in his room turned to bricks and was flashing fading blue and faded into yellow and the yellow would fade in and out then it would got blue to yellow, etc. In a nice slow calm pace. At the time we were listening to some phish. [I was laying on the bed wiht my head propped up on my arm] and i could see both my friends and the chairs they were sitting on, turned into little cars. I then started focusing on sam on my right cause he just looks damn funny when hes stoned (that was before he turned dumb), but anyways hes tapping his foot/leg up and down and his upper body starts get smaller to the point where his stomach and up was midget size but his legs were big as hell especially the one he was tapping. And then he just turned into a big bunny sitting there tapping his leg.

I can so clearly remember looking over at him sitting on a "car" in a colorful "alley" (in his rabbit form). And i just remember these huge eyes with big black pupils looking at me with some big floppy ears and big ass feet. It made me real happy, just seeing a big bunny brought me so much enjoyment.

That's pretty much all i remember, but i must have been looking at my "bunny" friend sam for an hour they say. They said that i sat there nodding my head to the music looking at him for an hour. It seemed like 10 minutes to me. But i dont know, nor care. All I know is that i enjoyed my self and had a wonderful day, and hope for many more to come (which there will)

just wanna add this, my friends cousin is getting chocolate dipped shrooms...cant wait to buy them! And i will be sure to post.


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