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Star's song

Time 9:00pm.

Time 9:00pm. My friend and I were eager to try the product of our labors. We had spend the last month and a half growing some little treats. It was finally time to see if it was all worthwhile. We started the night by each taking about 2 grams of Psilocybe cubensis on top of a pizza. Little I did I know of the wonderful night that was in store.

We waited for about 20 mins and grew impatient. My friend pulled out his 3 footer and we each took a couple of rips off that. It was really great bud, so we were off to a hellofa start. We decided that it would be best to go back to my dorm room and wait there. On the way to my room I started to feel very giddy. I would start to laugh at the strangest things. Like dogs in people's yards and what not. We got to my room and put on some Limp Bizkit and waited for the trip to really kick in. It didn't take too long before they started to work their "majik". I remember the music becoming unbearably loud and it started to make me sick. On the other hand my friend was completely happy, he was in his own little euphoria. I told him that I needed to get out of the room, but he couldn't move. I told him that I was going for a walk and started down towards a small pond here on campus. I remember the night air being very cold, but very refreshing…This started to perk me up. I stopped beside the pond and sat down. I was very comfortable beside the water, and I just stared into it for a while. I started to feel that the water was alive and happy that I came to visit it. It felt like the trees behind me started to come alive and form a shield from the rest of the world. It was like they blended together forming a wall behind me. I felt very safe with the life around me and I wanted to communicate with it somehow. Nature was trying to show me something…but I couldn't figure out what. I thought that the water had the answers, so I put my hand in the water. The moment I touched the water I could feel/hear the life in the water. It showed me how it brought life to everything…how nothing could exist without it. It was very happy to give life to creatures and plants, because without them it would be very bored. As I moved my hand around in the water different colors rode on top of the ripples that I made. I was glad that the water gave me this insight and I thanked it.

I laid back in the grass and looked up at the stars. I will never forget what happened next. Each one was twinkling about a thousand times a second. The longer I looked at them though the more they slowed down, until they would twinkle at the same rate as my heart. I thought back to what the water had told me and I felt the stars wanted to tell me something too. I couldn't touched them or speak to them. so I didn't know what they were saying. So I listened. Each time a star would twinkle a note of music would accompany it. Each star had a different note. They were all playing in rhythm…and I just listened. This harmony that the stars were playing was beautiful. It was the most perfect symphony ever conducted. I laid there in the grass for at least 15 mins listening to the melody and watching the light show that accompanied it. The music had a message, as all great pieces do. It's hard to put into words what the star's song message was, but it was basically that each day you live should be lived to the fullest and that we need to take care of each other and the earth/nature around us. Their song was very inspirational, and it changed my views on life.

After their song was over I went back to find my friend. I met up with him on the trail back (he came looking for me) and I told him about the song and the water. He wanted to try it, but I knew that he would get the same experience…I also knew that I would never get the same experience again. We walked back to my room and put on some Smashing Pumpkins and a blacklight. We played with glow sticks and bouncy balls and had a great time with tracers and whatnot. About 4 hours after we eat the pizza we felt like calling it a night, completely happy with our crop. I fell asleep and had some profound dreams that left me feeling great the next day. I wish every could have a trip this inspirational/fun/beautiful just once in their lives. It would probably be a better place.

They are powerful and "majik-L"
keep trippin


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