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Stained-Glass Beach

This all took place at senior week 1999 in Ocean City, MD.

This all took place at senior week 1999 in Ocean City, MD.

I took my 1/2 an eighth of shrooms at 10:00pm(it was actually a little less than half an eighth because I wanted to save some to take when i started to come down). The rest of my friends took some E. I was the only one shrooming. We all went out on the boardwalk to mix with the masses of teens who were all getting fucked up in one way or another.

We walked out on a pier to wait for our substances to kick in. They were all talking about how they were starting to roll. I really wasn't feeling anything. They kept asking me, in thier sped up state-of-mind, if I was feeling anything and I kept telling them that I just felt relaxed.

Then it hit me. Not like the slow pooring of water, but like a Mac Truck. In a split second I was tripping my balls
off. The waves had patterns throughout them. I felt sooo good. We then proceded to walk on the boardwalk again. It was crazy. I was looking at all the faces passing me. With each one, it was like I put myself in there place and immagined what it would be like if I was that person. It was really wierd. We went to this carnival area. The music from all the rides really gave an erie feel to the whole thing.

There were the game operators yelling for me to play thier pointless games. I then watched my 2 rolling friends get on the pirate ship. I got bored with this very quickly. I longed for a more comfortable atmosphere. I walked over to the Candy Land ride and watched all of the kids run around on it. It made me happy. There were cartoons on the sides of the ride. It looked like they were talking and moving.

We then decided to go sit down for a while. This was the best idea ever. We went to this row of benches where we could watch all of the people walking by. All my friends were all talking amongst themselves about the E and such. I just sat on the bench starring at the ground. There were
pebbles in the concrete and they made incredible intricate patterns. It looked like a stain-glass window. I would watch all the people walking by and the whole horizen of what I saw would seperate into colors. Everything became cloudy like and the only thing that was defined was the colors.

After going on incredible trips to places in my mind, we decided to walk out across the street to where you could see the water. There were benches there and there were colored lights underneath the dock that lit up the water.
It was really foggy that night. I could look out at the water and it would totally blend in with the fog. The fog would blow across the lights in huge liquid waves. There were incredible patterns across the fog and the water. It seemed to be endless. It was the most peaceful place I have ever been.

Everyone wanted to leave, except for me. I stayed at the water along with my one friend. I could stare at the wood railing and it would swirl like the colors swirl in bubbles.
We talked for a while and then we decided to meet up with the rest of the guys. We found them after a long and exausting walk. They were starting to come down and so was I. Me and my two friends decided to go out on the beach.
They wanted to smoke a bowl, and i wanted to finish off my shrooms. We did just that. They also took some shrooms at this point. It was about 1am.

I sat and looked at the sand and it crawled. I had my head looking straight down. I looked up at the rest of the beach and the whole place was crawling. It was amazing. By this point my other two friends were starting to trip. We walked back up to the boardwalk to wash our feet off. It was about 2am. I wasn't tripping very hard at this point but I was deffinatly feeling the vibrations. We saw this dude playing guitar. He looked at us and our eyes met. His pupils were huge and I think he noticed that ours
were too.

I then proceeded to show my now tripping friends that great place where the water meets the fog. We stayed up all night and walked the boardwalk. We watched the sun rise and started hacking with some guys at 6am. We met all kinds of strange people doing strange drugs at all hours of the morning. It was such a great night.

I must make a footnote. Those shrooms were the best shrooms ever. I have done shrooms about 15 times and I have never tripped that hard off of a 1/2 of an eighth. It usually takes a whole eighth to get me going like that night. Incredible.

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