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spur of the moment

-Intro- 2nd trip.

2nd trip. The first took place three days earlier. I just get back into town, and my friend who's in a band calls me up, and says there's a party at his brother's house. Now just so you know, it's pretty small here, so you don't have to go that far to get out into the boonies. When I hear where the house is, I'm confused, because I don't remember seeing _ANYTHING_ there when I've gone by. But, another friend calls me up looking for something to do, so we decide to go.
-The rest-
luc, the guy i'm going with, is going to be drinking. after picking him up, we get him beer and weed for me. i wasn't planning on tripping, but he wanted some of my shrooms so i decided i'd take them with him. Arriving at the party, we're astounded. This house is like a freaking castle, and we've never notice it existed before because it's totally hidden by trees. Into the basement we go, luc eats his shrooms, and i start drinking my shroomshake (herbal drink with the mushrooms mixed in) and the party goes. i finish my drink and go upstairs to get some water, to make sure all the little bits are out of the bottle. by the time i walk back down the stairs, everything is starting to get weird. i'm not walking so well, but that's all for the moment. then i notice the floor is slanted. but like, waaaaaaaaaay slanted... but it's an impossible angle, like the staircases in an Escher (sp) painting. it slants up towards the front of the room, but everyone walking on it is level. very messed up. now the blacklights in the room start to get brighter, and people's voices start sounding a little weird. the band starts playing, and we go up and listen to them. there's a picture of a mouth on the speakers and it starts moving with the music, and i laugh for a while. i decide to go out to the car and roll, and luc stays inside.
walking out to the car is ok, but i get in and put some music on and everything starts getting more intense. not REALLY intense, but just enough that i notice it, and it drives me nuts. i try to roll about 3 times, but i lose track of what i'm doing. the buds starts growing, and i keep tearing the paper apart. so i go back, the music is done for now, and luc is outside. it's 20 minutes later, and there's no joint. after laughing his ass off, we go back to the car. well, he only had about 1/3 the shrooms i did, but he quickly understands what the problem was. but eventually he gets it done, it's pretty sad, but it'll burn. back outside, and the band is mad, they want more money. i basically stand around for a while just looking at the grass and smoking and being generally confused. i then decide to go inside to the washroom. people talk about the bathroom gremlins, well... this was just messed up. i walk in, and there's a door to the bathroom on each side of it (one from the basement staircase, and one from the upstairs hall) and it's done completely in mint green linoleum. as i'm staring down, the toilet disappears. the floor pattern covers everything, and all i can think is 'oh please don't let me be pissing on the floor!' funny now, but not then =) so anyway. with a long bit of concentration, the porcelain reappears and everything's good. not much else happens, the band leaves, most of the people leave, and we're back outside. i look up, and the northern lights are blazing across the whole sky. i get luc, and eventually everyone is out there staring, and all because i noticed, luc points out to me. so i'm happy. anyway, we end up inside again, and we start playing music. this one really good guy is on guitar, luc is playing one of those huge bongo drums, and i'm on the drums. i've never played before, but that wasn't a problem at the time. we got some metallica and black sabbath going well (we didn't choose the music, we just followed the guitar's lead) and everything grooved for a long time. after a while we were all getting tired, this was around 4:30 am. we go over to a table and start rolling. there's two large joints going around, and this is when it gets bad. all of a sudden, i get a head rush. this happens when i smoke a lot in a short period of time, but it passes. but i look around, and i realize i'm going blind. you know those little bright lights you see in your head when you stand up too fast? those were everywhere. in a second all i can see is red. i'm trying to stay calm, but i'm freaking right out because i can hear everyone, but i can't see! i start nudging luc's shoulder hoping he'll understand, but he doesn't, and all i can say is 'i need to get out of here' over and over. so we walk over to the door, and he tries to open it. *CLANG* the release bar on the garage door falls out, it's jammed. the normal door is blocked by a broken water heater. at this point i really start losing it, my brain is going to explode or something. so luc gets everyone else over there trying to open the door, but no go. after a while i calm down though, and it passes. about 3 hours later i get home, luckily in one piece. i know this is a pretty sketchy story but most of the night isn't interesting enough to write out. in any case, it was my first unplanned trip, and it turned out to (mostly) be a really great night.

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