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Springy Sounds

also, there're the stretchy cartoony vocal and percussive/springy sounds that do lots of sonic morphing throughout the background of the trip experience.

also, there're the stretchy cartoony vocal and percussive/springy sounds that do lots of sonic morphing throughout the background of the trip experience. "*sproioioing-ng-ng*" "*hngkrskranchn*"

I spent the bulk of my last trip listening to this music. Since it was a low dose I bundled myself in a sleeping bag to keep my body warm so I could focus better on the info that was streaming in. I found that I could easily induce a trance state in which I felt like I was under some kind of dome (though I don't know if it is the same "dome" described by Terrence and others), a place that is not a place, like a bubble of air flowing in a stream beneath ice.

I felt my body in the sleeping bag, and appendages of energy, like an orb of many colors that seemed to project itself just above my forehead. I noticed that the energy patterns which passed through my body reminded me of experiences you all have described at different times: I felt two-dimensional for a while, I felt like my body was being scanned by some very invasive energy (I interpreted it as a scanning, but the discomfort could as easily have resulted from the super-charging of the neural network). The energy patterns felt particularly odd when they passed through my stomach and organs. I might have interpreted the sensation as nausea, but I never actually felt sick.

And there were sounds in this mind-place: the cricket gurgle of water (the sound of the cricket is supposed to be related to the heart chakra), the hubbub of many voices in a neigbouring chamber. This was coupled with the sensation that other entities were very close, though I did not sense these other beings/becomings in my immediate psychic vicinity. I also heard long looped sounds that might go something like "*sproioioing-ng-ng*," or perhaps one might think of a didgeridoo sampled and modulated into neighbouring frequencies. Over this droning, percussive background I heard an aqueous chirping of birds and fugue-like structures played on the violin. It ocurred to me that this space has been traversed many times before, and these sounds form the substrate from which earthen music flowers. I was able to imagine musical parts which quickly ceased to be under my direct control, weaving themselves into the rest of the chorus. On top of all this, I was able to see visul manifestations of the music I could hear... though I am hard pressed to describe what I saw.

my big quest now is to experience out-of-body trance without mushrooms (though I have no intention to give up the mycelial route). I have been trying to work towards astral projection, but it takes a long time and a lot of persistence to become used to the shift. Does anybody out there have interest or experience in such practices? My book on astral projection <> by V. Van Dam has a very interesting section on astral entities that may be of interest to Rob and others on the list.

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