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Spreading the magic.

I know this is cliche, but no words can describe the wonder of a mushroom trip.

I know this is cliche, but no words can describe the wonder of a mushroom trip. What the mind can perceive is absolutely amazing. The anticipation of the come up, the anxiety nearing the peak, and the sheer relief, wonder, amazement while on the plateau. Wow. Everyone should take the time out of their lives to *experience* again. To be in the present, to look at everything in a new light. The mind is an amazing thing, but don’t take it for granted...

The Set: General mood of happiness after getting through a year of college. Finals were all finished, and I had two weeks before I had to retake a course that I didn't do too well on. Needless to say, it was two weeks of straight partying :)

The Setting: There I was with some friends at Boston Pizza when the conversation starts turning towards mushrooms. For me anyway, mushrooms are hard to come by, and I jumped at my friend B's offer when he said he was selling. I got 4 grams off him, which I traded for 2 grams of nice weed. He also sold 4 grams to my buddy A. The rest of the night is spent at R's house.

I get a ride to my house, pick up some clothes, and then proceed to down all 4 in the car. (Hershey's Hugs hide the taste pretty well :) ) We walk to a field near R's house. At this time, its me and A, who had dosed, and R, T, S, D and G. We all smoke a fatty, and then R, T, S, and G roll up another one. A and I are getting impatient, and start running in the field, while the others are rolling up a joint. At this point, I am in no more need for any weed.

The field and sky start looking different. Patterns start forming in the sky, my thoughts start turning into overdrive. This is my third or so time on the magic fungus, and it was A's first. I'm aware of the feelings of energy, etc, but A is starting to get nervous, and wants to sit down. We get him up, and walk to R's house. T wants to get food, and I mistakenly thought it would be fun to go for a ride to a convenience store.

I'm sitting there in the car listening to stoned people talk so fast, and it was getting me nervous. At the time, I just wanted to get back to R's house and chill. After they spend forever getting food, we go back to R's house. When I came home the next day, I found that the store was 30 seconds away from his house, but at the time, it felt like a half-hour drive. We finally get back to R's house, and it makes me a little calmer.

The come up was pretty intense. I knew that I wasn't going to die, but A wasn't so sure. I kept talking him down, but he just kept getting sucked into negative thought loops. Sort of like this: "Oh man... oh man... what's happening to me... what the fuck is happening... oh man...where am I... why am I...I'm wet...what's wet... oh man... what's going on... am I dying... where am I..." etc, and I'm like "R's house, on a mushroom trip, your not dying " etc. It didn't really grow on him because his attention kept shifting, but it sort of grounded me keeping him reasonably calm.

We were watching Spaceballs... which it totally a trip movie :) Everyone is in crazy costumes.. it’s amazing. I eventually stopped talking A down, because I didn't really know what was happening anymore. Everything was moving... everything. I was watching the walls, and they started forming red and blue patterns. The color was subtle, but the complexity of the patterns was remarkable. In the corner of my eye, I would see something moving, and when I turned to look at it, it be a hook on the wall, or whatever. I looked at the ceiling, and the stipples started to move in swirling stream-like patterns.

Near my peak I didn’t have to look in the corner of my eye anymore to see crazy things. I would look here, there, and then realize that everything was different. It was totally surreal. The normally straight corners of the room were warped and curving. Just about at the point where I thought even I couldn’t take it anymore, I had passed my peak, and feelings of anxiety turned to feelings of contentment, and wonder. Totally a euphoric experience.

The world is so amazing, and people don’t realize it. They just go about the ratrace trying to make a buck, and you wonder how people can do it day after day until they die. I hope I never turn into someone like that.

Anyway... A starts saying “It’s now as bad now. At least I know what’s happening”, and we all go out for a smoke. Let me tell you, you have never smoked until you smoke while tripping. The way the cherry looks, the way the smoke fills your lungs, the way you exhale, watching the smoke make patterns in the air... wow.

I was looking at a painting on the wall, and It looked 3-dimensional. I felt as though I would be able to go right inside the painting. A is just wide-eyed, looking at everything... R says, “A what are you doing” and A replies, “sorry, I’m just totally amazed right now”. I felt so good realizing that A was now able to enjoy his trip.

Time passed sooooo slowly. We were still watching Spaceballs, and it felt like 9, 10 hours had passed since we put it on. Rick Moranis’s giant helmet looked so funny... I just wanted to laugh at everything. It was nice being able to concentrate on the movie now, rather than constantly turn away and watch something else.

R had two giant boxes of Skittles, and Starburst candies. They tasted so good :) R puts in Cop Land, which is actually a pretty serious movie, but I just kept laughing about how stupid the people looked, while debating in my head how and why everything exists. Eventually A and I realize that everyone had gone to sleep, and we were sitting there watching a movie we didn’t even want to watch.

I would have liked to go outside and explore after the peak, but R wouldn’t let us, since his parents were upstairs. But it was all good. At this point I was starting to feel physically and mentally drained, and thought I should at least try and get some sleep. Needless to say it didn’t work, but it was cool enjoying my trip personally, rather than with a group. Sleep attempts turned into watching closed eye visuals, which looked like moving through tunnels, stars, swirls, a visual representation of what I was hearing from the TV. All very cool.

Eventually I was able to get some sleep, and woke up refreshed. I love it when nights go by so perfect. A totally liked his trip, and A wants to do it again. Of course I do too :). I was amazed by the synchronicity of our trips. We both experienced the come up, peak, and plateau at the same time, agreed on everything. If felt like we totally knew each other. Again.. wow.

...And there passes another mushroom trip. I eagerly await the next chance I get to go back to the magical land of psilocybin mushrooms.

Happy Tripping,

-The Peteman

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