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Spiritual Machines

About a week before Christmas i called up "my guy" and asked if i could get some shrooms for me and a few friends for newyears, he ends up hooking us up with 14g's for the 4 of us.

About a week before Christmas i called up "my guy" and asked if i could get some shrooms for me and a few friends for newyears, he ends up hooking us up with 14g's for the 4 of us.
Newyears night comes and at exactly 11:38 we pull into my friends driveway...
he lets us in and we head downstairs... we divide up the shrooms... 2 for my girlfriend H 3.5 for my friends J and T
and 4.5 for me.
we throw our share into the blender and add in some orange juice and hit blend. the taste was excellent, no bad mushroom taste at all!
cut to about 25 min later we are all in the basement watching the comedy network... i noticed that Scott Tompson from kids in the hall had a outline all around him.
everything started to be funny, we all cracked up laughing at anything and everything.
i was wearing a big sweater with a hood that was on over my head and i also had yellow/green/red knitted gloves. i brought a bunch of toys along with me, one of which was a small stuffed beaver which i thought was the most important thing in the world. nothing mattered so much to me as the beaver did, it was amazing.
after watching tv, i went to the corner and plugged in my discman and threw on "Spiritual Machines" by Our Lady Peace, and listeded to
"In Repair" about 15 times. each time i played the song, the beave would be happy, but at the end of the song the beaver would start to die. i was so sad when the beaver died because it ment everything to me.
after i got sick of listening to olp i returned to watching tv, and Sean Cullin was on doing his comedy special. Oh god was Sean Cullin on for a long time, it seemed like he was on there for like 3 hours, when it was only about 1 hour long.
I sat in the chair just feeling good. i had a lot of tracers and all the colours in room were meshing and melting together. just then T's dad came home and came downstairs... he thought were were just drunk, by this time T was on the floor face down, H was on the couch covered in a blanket and J was in front of the tv. I told T's dad that he just passed out. His sweater was moving around on him, and i just kinda looked kinda blankly at him. then he went upstairs again.
by this time J was getting scared that the cat would eat him and that i was evil. so i looked at him with an evil grin from under my hood and he cringed in fear... i did this about 10 times...
i then realized that i had to take a piss, so i went to find the bathroom upstairs... i couldn't find the light switch so i had to walk upstairs in the total black darkness. when i came back down, T was waking up, and telling us about his bad trip. i tried to reassure him that everything was ok and everyone was having a great time.
i then went back to the corner to listen to more "our lady peace" i could see the colour of the music... the music was a light brown to match the beaver...i then spent the rest of the night watching some tv and listening to music...
all in all it was a blast! some parts were really funny and happy, and some were sad, but overall a great trip...
i wish i could get across everything that happened...
i will totally be doing this again sometime soon.

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