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I have tripped on shrooms a good number of times but my most recent trip was the most intense.

I have tripped on shrooms a good number of times but my most recent trip was the most intense. It went a little somethin like this.

Me and a friend were hangin out at his house drinkin beers and whatnot all day. I guess you can say it was a little party, not too big though. Anyways my friend had about an 8th left over from a home grown batch, very potent. We split it at about mid night and then went to go play some tetris. At this point in my life i was beyond amazement of trippy visuals. I wanted more. and i got more.

I was having a terrible trip. I felt like i couldn't see any thoughts in my head and my only response to my friend's crazy ranting was "i don't know". I was truely frightened and uneasy. Something was wrong and i knew it. I had to leave at around 130 because i began to shake uncontrollably, insanity was settling in. When i got home i went straight into my room, shut off all the lights, sat down and shut my eyes. at this time i began a series of closed eye visuals that were demonically jarring to say the least. it kept startling me and i kept looking around my room. the hallucinations were hard to make out but i saw faces all over the room. Some were in pain and others looking at me sideways. I was truely terrified and thought i was never going to gain sanity. I felt like a dying animal. This is when the trip became life changing.

I was lying down with me eyes shut trying to go anywhere but the place i was in. I could barely breathe and i was sweating immensely. each time i relaxed i would feel something fill up in my hands like i never felt before. it was like energy was moving through my limbs. This scared me many times but each time it kicked in i would attempt to withstand it and not move. Finally the energy filled my whole body and i could feel my face being stretched around as i clenched my teeth( the whole time i was hearing voices in my head that weren't mine accompanied by frightening music, notes were being bent all over the place).once my body had been filled i could feel energy from around the room rush in and out of my body, It was like something was keeping me alive because i was not moving or breathing. Then suddenly i was in a spiritual realm looking up at myself floating around the room.I was naked and motionless but everything was ok.It was so peaceful so much different than my concious state. Every question that i had was answered yet nothing was said. No sounds no feelings just peace. About a few minutes of this went by until i woke up startled. i looked over at my clock and an hour had passed. Time was shifted around and i was so incredible drained like this experience had sucked almost all the life out of me. I stood up and stumble into the bathroom. I pissed for so long and soon after that i took the biggest shit of my life. I didn't get much sleep after that and suprisingly i was still tripping. But i was so peaceful after that, no worries, no pain.

The shocking thing about this story is that i was on such a small dose for what im used to but it was the best and worst trip i had ever had. A suggestion to all u shroomers, focus less on the visual aspect and more on the spiritual enhancement. Go into a dark room, close ur eyes and let the mushrooms take u away. I now understand the reason for existence in that we are all just energy a part of One Spirit that is this earth. Thats why everyone should try mushrooms at least once

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