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spirit mediums, time travel, other reality

how's it going?

how's it going? yesterday was a pretty fun day. I
went to the LA Zoo w/ Jannie, and aftewards, she
wanted to go the Spundae, so we were all ready to
go, but after boning at my apartment, we decided
that she wanted to try shrooms for the first time.
since it's her first time, and she weights only
100lbs, i gave her 2 grams, and myself, took 2.5
grams. dude, let me tell you, this trip was incredible.
absolutely incredible. she had the time of her life.
she's never smoked before, and only had alchohol
a couple of times, so she was really stoked for having
experienced something like that. the batch i have now
is soooo strong, the 2.5 grams felt like 4 grams. i
definitely had a full on experience. Jannie had full
on visuals and she said she was like in the matrix.
she could see shapes in the sky, and i can see her
just extending her arms out, like in a 3d theatre
w/ 3d glasses, and she says she could move things
around, and there was a point where she would be
able to go through the wall, and when she closed
her eyes, it was all bright light, and she got
scared, so she opened her eyes. i told her that's
heaven that she was at the door of, and she started
giggling and knew that i was right. in my other
room, i have a big
frame picture of jesus hanging and nothing else,
since my roommate moved out. so i went in there to
pray, and man, i experienced another level of blessing
like i haven't before. i had some dna/genetic
enhancements done again, and there was a point where
i looked down, and i could see myself spiraling, and
then i saw a lot of spiritual jesus like beings, and
they all said i was so so close. this was the first
time that i shroomed with a girl, and with a girl
that i am interested in, who also likes me a lot. man,
let me tell you, that makes the trip a whole different
one than when you're just tripping with friends. the
love that's there is magnified, and it feels so good
to just cuddle in bed together while you're tripping.
we also boned while we were tripping and man, it was
incredible. i could last forever and not cum. oh yeah,
it was trippy cuz she was so wide open spiritually,
that were were some times when she let other spirits
through to me. so there she is, right in front of me,
looking right at me, and her face morphes into
this angry old asian woman (totally not Jannie's face),
and she starts cussing and says she doesn't know why
she can't stop cussing, so i lovingly looked at her
and told her that it's cuz she's angry, and she asked
why is she angry, and i told her it might be because
she's had some injustice done to her, and she looked
back, and i asked her if she knows who i am. she said
yes, and then i told her she could now go back to
the light (heaven), and she left, and Jannie's face
came back. then, at one point, when we were making
out, there were all these wreched old ugly women that
wanted to make love to me, and instead of being
repulsed, i looked past their looks, and just let
them kiss me, and then, their faces changed, and
Jannie's body changed too, and she turned into this
super cute japanese idol girl, and i got super turned
on. man, it was quite an experience. we even travelled
in time too, i asked Jannie to look at the time and
asked what time is it, and it was 12:02am, then, after
what felt like 5 minutes, i asked her what time is it
again, and it was 12:45am! in what felt literally like
5 minutes to the both of us, 40 mins had gone by. it
was so incredible, we both tripped out about it.
we started at 9pm, and by 1am, we were back to base
line, by 2am, i took her home, and we just had a mild
buzz, and things outside, lights in the streets, etc.
were glowing, and everything looked very pretty and
detailed. so, even though i never planned or expected
to visit elf space, they found a way to invite me
back anyway, and a welcome experience it was as well.

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