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I decided to ingest almost four grams of cubes that were thai.

I decided to ingest almost four grams of cubes that were thai. I waited about a half hour listening to music in my room. I called my friend over and told him what i had done and he asked me if he could get him some, and if I was feelin it yet, and I told him thats all I had, and yea its getting alot stronger. I started to feel funny. Tingly all over and I decided to get up and move around. I remember distinctly that it was right after I decided I needed to move, and when I stood up, is when I really knew the trip was about to begin. When I stood up I began to laugh at aboslutely nothing incontrolably. The light from my celing was like that of a stadium at a baseball game. I've never seen lights so bright and beautiful. When my friend arrived, he had explained to me the obscene size of my pupils. He said that their was no color, except for a tiny brown ring around my eyes. I preceded to lay and listen to my music for a half hour before my mom decided to walk through the door. She was asking me if I took the trash out yet, and I tried to answer her but jibberish came out instead.I think it was a mental thing because I was really trying to answer her but I couldnt. My friend and I then went outside after he told her I was trippin. It was beginning to get late as we walked to the park which seemed like forever. The individual blades of grass were swaying and projecting the most brilliant shade of green I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. I was amazed at this and the trees which seemed to wave carelessly. Speaking became very difficult. I wish I could have talked to him with my mind because that part of me was working fine, seemed like ten times the normal rate. I then stared into the street which looked like a river of liquid stone. I then walked home and slept. Pretty great trip.

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