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sparkly shrooms


Wow. This was my second time shroomin', the first about a level 1. About 6 friends and I were at The Summer Sun Music Festival near PSU in 98 (?) when we were approached by a guy holding on to some huge shrooms'. The atmosphere was very low key at this festival, and positive vibes were everywhere. Within a minute we made a deal and got a fat quarter for the four of us who wanted to get all tripp face for a while.

I don't know what kind of shrooms' they were, but they were covered in gold sparkles-they were beautiful!
Well, needless to say, we ate 'em up right away. I had a killer hangover from the night before and didn't eat any breakfast-except for the shrooms'. With this empty stomach I was shroomin' in no time at all. It came on very fast. With every passing second came the thought of how much more intense this second was as compared to the last.

This alone kind of freaked me out. Where was I going to be in a half hour? Completely out of my mind? Oh well. My three friends wanted to walk up the ski slope, so I told them I would catch up with them in a minute. I stayed behind because more worrysome thoughts were going through my head. I absolutely thought that I was going to be sick if I didn't eat some food. My aimless searching of our campsite resulted in a bag of sun softened chocolate chip cookies, Soft Batch or something.

I took about four, put three in my pocket and started to eat one. What the hell was I eating? What's a cookie? What is this brown crap all over my hands? Why won't it come off? This thing tastes just bad! I can't eat this. Oh no, I'm going to be sick if I don't. Oh, this brown stuff is chocolate, and it won't come off because I'm still holding the cookie. Later! You taste like shit anyway! Just get me some water and I'll be cool.

I somehow ended up on my back, lying in the grass. The clouds that day were incredible, even before the shrooms'. They consisted of three distinct layers, each moving at a different speed straight across the sky and each of a different texture. Very three dimensional. Faces, faces, faces in the clouds! All evil faces! I couldn't figure this out. They all had mad eyebrows and big fangs and they were looking at ME! They were pissed off at ME!

One second I was scared shitless, the next second I was cool, but these faces kept frightening the hell out of me... but I couldn't stop looking at them...and I probably wouldn't have if I didn't hear my name. I stood up in a total state of confusion, wondering who could want to talk to me. Then it hit me, my buddies! I couldn't see them, I couln't make out much of anything, and I didn't want to leave my campsite, my safe little place, so I sat back down and they came to me.

"What's all over your face," says one guy. "I don't know"
"It's brown stuff, its everywhere! So what were you doing?" "I tried to eat a cookie" And he busts out laughing like I just said the funniest thing ever. He thought I was totally grubbin' out on the Soft Batches!!! Pretty soon it hit me that I was finally having a truly good time. No more worries about evil faces or getting sick. It was time to sit back mentally and enjoy the tripp.

My buddie Steve (who caught me all chocolate faced), and I went up the mountain to meet the other two guys. They were puking their guts out! Puking, puking, and more puke. Whatever, I was just glad it wasn't me. We sat there for a while, looking over the whole fucking town. Nobody else was seeing what we were seeing! The whole town, and then some, was all ours. It was a cool feeling. Our journey down the mountain contained some incredibly deep conversations about sunlight, heat, light speed, and water.

I felt like I understood everything! After talking about water for what seemed like an hour, we were both sure that we were in water. Somehow the air around us and water were one in the same. We were swimming down the mountain! We also came to the conclusion that the sunlight was eating us up. It was just flying through millions of miles of space at an unimaginable speed and then comes to us. Who were we to stop such a strong force? We weren't.

It was ripping right through us, baking our skin, eating us up. THE SUNLIGHT IS EATING US UP!!! But it feels good... For the rest of the tripp we just sat around our campsite. Steve was completely going off about being where he wants to be and his body. "It's a machine, a fine tuned machine! This is where I want to be! You have to feed the machine! This is where I belong! Right here! It's a fine tuned machine! This is where I want to be!"

Over and over. He couldn't be stopped. Even the sane people sitting with us said he went on for hours. All of Steve's crazy talk turned Veeple (also shroomin') even more insane. He began walking around our campsite (three tents), and he couldn't be stopped either! I guess he was where he wanted to be, too! His pacing also went on for hours. Many people came up to us and asked what his problem was. We just laughed. He quickly adopted the name "Clockwise". All the while this stuff was going on I just sat back, looked, listened, and slowly came back to reality.

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