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Sparked by Intelect

Ok were do i start off,this was about my 9th or 10th trip on mushroomsand my best yet.

Ok were do i start off,this was about my 9th or 10th trip on mushroomsand my best yet. I i had about 3 or so grams dried of home grown azures at 10:30pm and then ate some smoed salmon about 15 minuets later i would also like to make a sugjestion for digestioni have been puting my shrooms in a thick zip lock bag and then placed the bag between to magazines. I then hit the top magazine with a hammer until the shrooms were all poudery theni just placed them on my toung and washed them down with extra strong lemonade and have no taste of themm what so ever..At around 11:30 i began seeing a few trails and bursts of light so i put on the moovie "Austin Powers" with the lovley Elisabeth Hurley and never laughed my as of so hard before. after the moovie i shut of all the lightsand sat in the darkness were in my opinion you see the very best visuals.. Then i got to thinking about life and what not and how im going away to colage in the fall to be an study to be an architectand had never felt so asured of how well i would do.. I also came to the conclusion that whatever i want in life i can have and anything is posible if you just put your mind to it. And one last thing the my personal recipie for the best night of your life for me it was prom night and me and my date did this.. ok here we go ,,Get a hotel room with a large hot tub, 4 hits of fido dido extacy 2 for each of you ,2 grams of cubensis each and an icce cold bottle of crystal champaign and lots of candles and im sure some Kind bud wouldent hurt either..oh well im out sincerely


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