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Soul Rhetoric

My buddy and I took some shrooms and stared at an animated fractal image thingie on his computer screen while listening to Floyd.

My buddy and I took some shrooms and stared at an animated fractal image thingie on his computer screen while listening to Floyd. Eventually we felt a little trapped in that box of bachelor apartment, so we wandered into the outside world. The following writings occurred throughout the duration of the tripp:

One fake, provided hallucination into another reality pulls you into its world so intensely, you soon can’t remember your own identity. You look into a mirror and become shocked into your own remembered reality and everything you learned in the hallucination becomes a subtle thought in the back of your mind, drifting away, only to be saturated with again on another trip. And these realizations can only be discovered to their fullest while on the trip.

The wooden floor tiles are moving into a shape of their previous, forbidden form. Humanity keeps trying to mold Earth’s gifts into a more convenient form to fulfill their selfish needs.

These words are just glowing off their page in the dark, as if trying to become three-dimensional thoughts. One’s handwriting expresses their identity to the point of becoming concrete images for all to see.

Jack planted the seed of a beanstalk, and we are sitting within its growth, rising toward the gold and unknown treasures above the clouds. Also the unexpected giant awaiting us at the top though. We will experience these things before Jack the Creator even gets a chance. Is that fair? That a curious little boy doesn’t get to view the wonders it discovered? WHOOPS! Two stoners got there first! Sorry, Creator! Maybe we’ll see you on our way down.

One small glimmer in its entrance gives you the suggestion that there is something magical beyond the corner of the wall into the other room. You step inside and see that the implications of what it planted in your mind are true! And you see the elements and the trees, and you hear the music and the lights flow into you and the colours envelop you and this little world tries its damnedest to make itself known to one, walking, breathing concentration of matter. And we just accept this alternate realm, perhaps even disregard it at times, for it becomes more familiar and commonplace the more one visits it. But within it lies the truth! Those questions you never asked yourself! Those fantastic myths that only exist in your sub-conscious! Just one small light trying to open a gigantic door for you. Will it be acknowledged?

Now the reality that spends more ‘time’ with us takes hold, and if you don’t cooperate, you’ll get it up the ass with a corkscrew until it drills itself into you so you’re stuck, in one place and time forever...

These signs, by telling us every direction we should be walking toward, are actually describing the one path to your discovery. The direction to the discovery walk is the one absent arrow. It is trying to go unseen and act aloof, yet it is the direction your stoned little mind tells you to go, because you’re not being told by society’s decisions... And you come upon a small path, entering into a place of higher learning from a forgotten time, and explore the small greens that try to maintain themselves in this cruel world of ‘maximum capacity’ this and ‘more efficient jobs’ that.

In this field, staring at the stars and the dense yet clear sky, you descend through time into a place you never existed, a place of small farmlands and cows, and still further, to where the supposed dinosaurs roam and the basic carnal instincts reign supreme, and further yet, to when one ameobae materialized from an ocean of slime and waste, fighting to exist, and be the ‘right’ genetic combination to spread its roots and create this mass of thought and life forms and beating hearts, and ultimately YOU, thinking all this shit up.

Why can’t I try to answer your rhetorical question?

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