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sorry what?

This was my 5th or 6th trip, and quite possibly my best.

This was my 5th or 6th trip, and quite possibly my best. I went to a friends cabin for a few days. He brought with him about 12 grams between 3 of us. We were sitting there discussing if we should eat them then or wait till the next day when his Granddad wouldnt be there. While we were talking about what it was we wantedto do i said "fuck this" and started unwrapping the little chocolate mushroom ladybugs. My friends had the same thought pattern and they started eating too. So we had just ate 4 grams each. We went into the living room and put one of his grandpas many videos on. One my favorites, Blazing Saddles. We started watching and after about a half hour i wasnt really feeling it. Then it was as if time stopped and when it started again I was a high as a kite. I was laughing at anything and everything. As each scene of teh movie went by I started rememberiong less of the movie. We got bored of the movie and decided to smoke a joint. I got up from oh so comfy position on the floor and started outside. As I started walking around the room began to spin around me, I was becoming dizzy, and felt like vomiting. I feared i was on the edge of a bad trip, I was walking around aimlessly and then I knew i had to throw up. I ran out side and right as I was about to charf I started feeling better, I then started laughing when i saw my friends laughing at me standing outside in the rain. I came back inside and layed back down and started having fun again. I started to get some really wild visuals. The room seemed like it was breathing. With every breath i took it would take one too. I got up again to go the wash room, after I went i began to wash my hands. The feeling of the warm water on my skin was unbelivable, I stood there and washed my hands for a good 15 minuets or more. I layed back down and closed my eyes, and music came into my head. It was like rave inside my head. I layed for hours just talking to my buddys. We all eventually started to come down so we got a bite to eat and wen to sleep. And i woke up the next morining feeling great.

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