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Burning Man

It started at Burning Man, which many know is a place filled with psycedelic drugs, hippies, etc.

It started at Burning Man, which many know is a place filled with psycedelic drugs, hippies, etc. My friend Justin and I, along with another girl, Megan, decided to split an 8th through the use of Tea. We boiled some water(~ 4 cups or enough for 3 people) with the shrooms in the tea, and waited for it to cool. We drank it and then ate dinner and after about 20 or 30 minutes, started to feel the effects. I can remember knowing that the effects were taking place because my friend kyle pointed out some man in our camp that was helping himself to our food, and i began laughing hysterically. It seemed very funny, and i had the usual "shroom grin" on my face, because i felt quite content and pleased with everything. Burning Man lasts a week long, and on Saturday at 10:00 pm, they burn the actual man which is 30 or 40 feet tall in the center of the city. We took the shrooms at about 7 30, and after dinner, decided to walk around and head towards the center, where the man was.
I can remember my friend Kyle, who was the only one not tripping, messing with us and telling us that the near-by cops knew about us and our trip. Anyone would obviosly know that there's no way that the rangers could know, but i was quite worried when he told me this, even after he kept doing it with many different cop cars that we were near.
We continued walking around and i still felt very happy and content, and the whole surroundings (Burning Man has many phsychedelic lights and colorful cars and creative structures) were so awesome to see. Fire, lights, everything just seemed so sweet. (It still does even when you're not on any drug). What clearly stands out in my mind was an instance when we saw a man riding a tandem bicycle, and on the back seat was a wire frame of a man hooked up to the pedals and back handle bars, so that when he was riding and pedaling, the wire frame was doing the same thing also, except that it was night time and the whole wire frame was on fire. This flaming man riding the bicycle behind the man was something that clearly stood out in my mind as almost mind boggling, but it was very awesome to see.
As we gathered around the man, i can remember some people standing behind us who always seemed like they were looking at us, and my friend Justin agreed, and he took a picture. But when he looked at the picture later, they werent interested in us one bit, and didnt even seem to be looking towards us at all. Whatever. Once the burn happened, the feeling was very intense. The crowd was roaring and everything was so exciting and mind blowing, just the feeling, no clear visuals, though. Once it was over, my friend kyle and i drove home, and i let kyle drive my car, because he wasnt tripping of course.
The drive home was mild, and was just a coming-down effect for the most part, all i can remember is the music sounding very nice and me being happy and content. I can also remember pointing out a sign saying "No Littering. $2000 Fine" and i read it out load. Then kyle, still being a jackass, said "no dude, that sign said 'No LOITERING'!" Still not completly in the right state of mind, i was almost comletly convinced that i had mis-read the sign, even though it would be absurd to LOITER in the desert. F you, kyle. Once i arrived home, i was still feeling it rather mildly, and can vaguly remember dreaming something regarding the date December 21st, 2012. ??? But yes, overall it was a very good trip, no strong visuals, but it sure did enhance everything at Burning Man, and that alone is quite a trip. It is rather overwhelming, however, with so many people and things going on, but it still isnt a bad place to do them. Looking forward to doing it again and in a heavier dosage:)

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