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Some kinda mushroom

Well this is actually an accout of two trips on the same type of mushroom, unidentified but grown by a close friend of my dealer who eats them all the time so i knew they were good shtuff.

Well this is actually an accout of two trips on the same type of mushroom, unidentified but grown by a close friend of my dealer who eats them all the time so i knew they were good shtuff.

I'm not going to tell all the damn details cause i'm just comin down off the second batch of those lovely fungi i've eaten in three days and i damn well don't feel like it plus it pisses me off. People should just all out and tell what the hell happened.

My first experience was actually my second ever trip off any type of mushroom, and a substansial step up in dosage. The first time i had split an eighth with a friend and we had tripped pretty hard on that, it was intense enough to make me forget most of what happened (Eights are around three grams up here and about half caps and half stems, pretty ok). This time we each had about an eighth and a half (we origionally had a quarter each but we smoked/ate a lot of it allready) so that was around..lesse, three...four and a half grams, somethin like that, more than enough i supose.

My friend (the same one who had tripped with me before) came over to where i worked so we could take my lunch break and smoke a fat joint i had rolled earlier in the week with a quarter of nice sticky fat green herb i had bough along with my quarter of mushies. We smoked that then decided to munch a few caps and some stems so we could just feel the psyclobin...we knew that i hadta go get my hair cut in a town that was off the island we live on, plus i needed to go to the store and pick up some nutella. Neither of us has our liscenses yet so my dad was going to drive me to get my hair cut. A little after a half an hour had passed and we werent feelin nothin (impatient as hell) so we started munchin on our bags and kept munchin on 'em for a while. We decided just both to ride in with my dad and my friend was going to follow my ass around and we were going to trip. So we ate most of the rest of our bags by the time i left work and caught a bus back to the town we live in and checked to see if my dad was home (he was, didn't have any time for another joint, damn) so we hopped in the car and started to drive to where i get my hair cut. The traffic was a bitch getting off the island (like it always is, damn tourists) so me and my friend finally ate the last few stems while waiting in traffic (no dad, it's nuthin) and just sat staring out the open back windows. They started to kick in on the way there and we were both just watchin out the windows really enjoying ourselves...i noticed we STILL wern't moving in traffic and i said out loud "holy shit, we STILL here?" my dad just said yeah and asked me where i'd been...if he only knew. We finally got going (and got GOING) to where i was gettin my hair cut and we were really tripping hard, but still functioning TOTALLY normally, something which is usually very hard for me, even on weed, which we hadn't smoked since earlier.
So i got in the place and the lady was washing my hair, my friend was spinning around on one of the chairs and i was giggling and talking to the lady (trippin nutz). she said we must be up to something cause we were both giggling and grinning like mad happy squirrills. She started cutting my hair and i had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing, so that just went on for a while, i wasn't really seeing anything cause i had my glasses off and the walls were just swirling a little. Finally she got done and i made my dad pay cause i didn't feel like spending any of my cash so me and my friend (still tripping balls) got into the car and had my dad drive us up to the store which was just a few miles in the direction we had allready been going. I was doing so fine in talking to him he didn't even notice, so we just looked out the windows for a little longer....

When we did get to the store me and my friend just wandered till we found the nutella, laughing our asses off at the people in the store. We paid for the two jars and the bag of pretzels my friend picked up in the SLOWEST damn express lane i've ever been in. Took like half an hour to get the guy in front of us through (course i was tripping....but she was damn slow). We got back in the car and rode to the store up the street so my dad could pick up a bottle of tequila, so we got out and wandered arond that place too, picked up some bread and joined my dad looking at the hard liquer. Me and my friend could not stop laughing and giggling at this point and my dad thought at least i was stoned (Moron), he didn't care at all right then, he thought it was funny. We got in line to pay for the tequila and bread but it was taking so damn long so me and my friend skipped out on the line and went and waitied for my dad to get through.
We drove back to the island with the windows down and just staring out at the crap going by and listening to the news on the radio which was the FUCKED up shit. It made no sense and they were talking about blood all the time and people donating blood to make sausage, it was all very confusing, we thought it was on the blood channel.

We got back and me and my friend went to his house to smoke a few bowls and calm our nerves cause we hadn't had any herb since lunch time and it was late afternoon (for summer). We got to his house and up in his room where we packed a few bowls (big ass bowls) to smoke out of his mad bong that he built himself. It was great, we felt all good and afterwords we ran up to my house and sat around watching this crazy assed movie called Wizards from a long time ago, really kick ass movie about elves and mutants and hitler and all this other crazy shit. We were still tripping hard cause we'd eaten the mushies over a period of about two and a half hours so it was taking a while for them to wear down. It was around nine thirty when my friend went home, still tripping nuts and i went in for bed. I tried to read for a bit but that was pointless so i just turned out the lights and tried to fall asleep but that didn't work either so i turned on the lights and smoked a bowl thinking that would put me right to sleep. It didn't, i was up till about eleven with the inside of my head making this noise like a car engine turning over, and i could vary the sound of the noise and all this weird stuff, but i couldent turn it off. i finally went to bed.

Two days later my friend hops a ride into town where i work with my dealer and bums fourty bucks for a quarter of mushies off me, we tell the dealer to bring back plenty of pot and shrooms from where he goes to get all that shit. He left and my friend stuck around, we took my lunch break and split up the quarter to eat with lunch. We ate it and went back to the store where we bought the sandwiches so my friend could steal some rolling papers, he ended up stealing the whole box so we have like six thousand rolling papers now. I had about four roaches in my wallet so he took a paper and rolled a second generation joint with the roaches that we snuck off and smoked (kept the roach, gunna roll a third generation here when i get that half ounce of herb) then ran back into work just a little buzzed and starting to trip. My friend always hangs around work with me so my employer didn't give a shit, as long as i was working. We tripped pretty damn hard all day long at work AND DIDN'T WORK, we just sat infront of my computer and took people's money as they came into the museum. We were playing games and fooling around in the back where the paint and powertools are, the head of the place didn't care, but the other director seemed pissed that i wasn't doing much, oh well, too bad for her. We caught the last bus home at 4:30 when he hadta go to work, down off the shrooms but still buzzin a little. Then i sat down and took a shit (felt good) and wrote this damn report. Took me friggan long enough too.

Message? have fun and don't hurt yerself or noone else. peace to yer fellow stoner/tripper but the damn ups guys are ALWAYS friggan watchin you, smoke a joint for me and have a good one.

Chong@budsmoker.com for comments or whatever. I'm out.

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