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Some Bad Shit

Well it all started when my freind collin went to this website and got the idea to get some mushrooms and trip out at his house.

Well it all started when my freind collin went to this website and got the idea to get some mushrooms and trip out at his house. So we purchased around 40 caps each and then prepared do do them a day later. The next day we prepared in my freinds house downstairs in his big living room, we got all the supplys we thought we would need to have a comfortable trip, a water bottle each, movies, food, music etc, being as we had never done anything but weed before we wernt to sure what to expect. So 11 oclock rolls around and we take the shrooms thinking that everyone was ither our or in bed. 10 minuites after we ate them my buddy collins brother comes home and sits down on the couch beside us. He starts talking to us unaware that we just popped 40 caps of field shrooms. We let a few minuites pass then we tell him, he just started laghing at us. Thats when it started to turn shitty. He first starts asking us how much we took and some other questions about the shrooms, then he purposly in my oppinion started talking about people having bad trips and dying from them etc, that was the start of hell. Soon after spilling a big speach about dying from mushies he goes to bed so me and collin are left alone. I start to feel sick and then I asked how collin felt and he seemed to feel the same way.. slightly nausyious and wanting to puke... the feeling only got stronger and finnaly it was unbarable so i was just like fuck it and went to the bathroom. I sat over the toilet and started to trip, the walls started to breath and things got alot more interesting but the sickness got worse, so i coudlnt hold it anymore and I threw up a few times. OUtside collin was urging me to hurry up and get the hell out so he could puke. WHen I flushed the toilit it was like I was drained of all the sickness it felt so good. I opeened the door and collin came rushing in and he slammed the door behind him. I went and sat on the couch and tryed to play some GTA 3 while listening to collin puke. It was all to much and I started to feel sick again... so collin came out and said he felt better. ANd i just felt like shit again, so i went back to the bathroom and started to puke. When I came out collin was rolling around on the ground lauging histaricly at me and then I started to laugh too, we laughed for at least 20 mins about nothing. I told him i felt like lying down so we both sat back in the big mound of blankets that we had prepared and sucked back on the water bottles. I remember collin rambling on about how fucked he was and that he was seeing wierd shit.... all i knew was that i was sicker then hell but still fucked, the walls were still breathing and the TV was off cable and there was just a fuzzy white screen that I coudlnt stop looking at. I sorta went off into my own little world of thoghts when collin screamed "shut up" and I asked him what the hell that was about he he replyed that the tv was talking to him... we both started to laugh again.... I coudlnt handle the walls breathing so much so i put the grey and black blanket over my head to try and hide from it but the blanket felt like it was a jiant black hole swallowing me up, then when i was under there i could still seem to see the fuzzy tv playing so I told collin to shut the tv off even though it had already been turned off half an hour ago. PRetty soon the walls stopped breathing and the trip came down a bit by about 4, but we were both baisicly lying paralized on the ground to sick to move, for about an hour from about 4-5 we lyed on his floor in a cold sweat rambiling to each other about how bad we wanted sleep and just sensless talk. The next thing I remember is waking up and collin waking at the exact same time, and he said...I feel like a million dollars compared to last nite... and I just said thank god its over.... it was kind of shitty having a bad shroom trip the first time because it lowered my confidence about doing them again... next time ill just have to get good stuff.

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