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Society Sucks

I am righting in favor of all of the other people the wrought in all there trips and valuable information.

I am righting in favor of all of the other people the wrought in all there trips and valuable information. I hope you enjoy my trip... My trip started right after my science exam.(hopefully i did well) My other two friends were going to buy a dime bag from a guy i knew and i was going to eat a 8th of shrooms.Well the deal with the dime bag fell through but i still disided to go though with the shrooms that day. So we all walk home and stop by my place to get my shrooms and we were off to my friends place. When we got to his place we made some grilled cheese samwitches. I put my 8th of shroom into one of the samwitches and ate it , it was around 3:00 at this time. since my friends didn't have anything to do we disided to go rent a movie at the store. When we got to the movie stare was when things started to get weird not to big of a deal just things got brighter and it was i bit weird to walk. We staid in the movie store for a wail because we didn't know what movie to get. After a bit the movie cases started to look strange almost like one of thoughts 3D thing that you move up and down to see different angles. (like on the cover of ‘The Lost World-Jurassic Park’ ) Well anyway we all disided to get the movie ‘ ‘. So we were off back to my friends house... ..again. I cant really remember getting to his house and the movie starting but i didn't really watch the movie anyway :). When i did watch the movie i gave me a bad vibe and i had a really bad stomach ache , the movie was all about drugs and somehow made me feel dirty as the TV moved and morfed towards me. I started to thing “what am i doing to myself i don't need this” . Thats when my trip went down hill , i felt like i needed to get out of my skin or just out of the house but i couldn't because i had the worst stomach ache. Luckily my friend saw me and said “you wana go out side?” . i said yes.. ..cuz i did , but i was way to sick to. my friend stopped the movie so we could go outside. I ended up sitting on his down stares just looking at the stone wall that he had down there. this probiby was just after the peak , i don't really remember much of my peak i was to busy feel dirty and unwanted . After a wail my friend had the idea of giving me some rollades , he gave me 4 but i only ate two. after the rollades a felt allot better. good enough to go outside. my friend have a huge cliff , i would have to say its about 60f high , in his back yard. When i got to the top of the mountain i felt the best everything was so fun , we could see everwere and everthing. I told my friends that i was in a good mood again and then we had to go back down to my friends house to wait for my other friends mom to come and pick him up.We staid and waited for his mom to come , she did , we said goodbye to ower friend and went back inside. that's about it for my trip , i still saw some things morf and change but nothing to big.The one of many things i learned during my trip is that if your gona eat shrooms go do something outside... ...shrooms are an outside drug , “nature drug” :)hoped you liked my story i might not be the best righter but i tried. Oh and by the by im 15 and so were my two friends... ...just to let you know.

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