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Social Nature Boy


OK... here we go now.
I'd grown some nice psilocybe cubensis in my bedroom (without parental knowledge) and I was going to shroom properly for the first time (I'd been level 1.5 before but it wasn't mind blowing). Well there is this party we were going to and I pack about 5 grams of freshly air-dried shrooms into my pocket. On the way to the party I pick up 2 grams of weed from a Turkish cafe so I am set for the night.

I get to the party around 8 PM barely say hello to the hostess and I begin to chow down about 3 grams, I think. The stems taste all right, but the caps get stuck in my teeth and make me wanna puke but it's all right because the taste is definitely worth it. My friend now takes about 1 g because he's slowing himself down with drugs. After taking them I walk around the house feeling pretty alive and after 2o minutes I'm in the garden, my stomach is feeling pretty upset so I go and lie down next to the pond and I start to trip a bit and I am looking at how the lily pads are growing from the bottom of the pond to the top reaching out for the sunlight (I take biology so the ecology was crazily understood) I then run around the side of the house after contemplating puking in her pond because I don’t wanna be seen puking, I am talking to myself having a nice conversation as my body starts become tremendously floppy and almost uncontrollable, I can almost feel my body absorb the psilocybe. I see people walking out into the garden, I’m still with reality at the moment and I crawl out sniffing the bushes like a cat with them looking at me, I make my way behind the pond on a little bank with the house on the opposite side of the pond and I sit under a little bush.
Then comes the laughing.
I am squatting under this little purple bush and 2 friends who are sitting down outside the house are looking at me. I begin to laugh at everything, the quaintness is awesome everything is funny, but everything is funny for a reason some connection. At this time only what I am looking at is clear and the borders of everything else blend out into fuzziness. I am yelling at this time. I am feeling totally at one with nature, everyone fits in I feel very happy in the environment, this girl has one of the most beautiful gardens that really intensifies my appreciation of nature.
I go inside after a bit and puke in the toilet by sticking my fingers down my throat, mostly water... I was a bit nauseous the first hour and I tried to approach it like being super stoned or drunk by drinking water, but that was the wrong approach. At this stage I find that what I am feeling is if I had smoked 3 grams of professional weed in 10 minutes, I'd puke after 1/2 or 1 gram but the shrooms gave me the ability to go further and higher up (compared to pot) without puking. I feel like everything has become exact, I have become precise, and I am my inner self for 3 hours. I feel as if I am myself X 10 with all the negative things left behind at ground zero. The colours around me were so brilliant and fuzzy, no trailers but I wasn’t looking for that. The walls pulsate when observed. I find that I cannot function socially at the party and there are about 15-20 people there. And so I end up sitting in a little shed in the garden with 2 friends who greatly help reduce my weed and I find I can express myself and they understand everything perfectly with the correct interpretation. (We 3 are all very open minded) I am talking as fast as I can, trying to say the most; I am almost gibbering yet with clarity. My voice sounds detached and almost and my arm feels out of my arm as if it is not properly connected yet it does what it's told.
We end up smoking more and more and I am now into an isolated social trip where I am my inner self and I feel great that I have reached that part of me because I know I am sane even if my outside life has some annoying problems. I go back to the party and no one can really understand me. I am my ego. They don’t have this huge heightened understanding, I hear them bitching out and talking about this guy from school and I know that it really doesn't matter, who they fuck are they to judge, I am not angry though, it's pity. I slowly begin to come out of my extremely enhanced world and I can hardly handle what normality is. We smoke a joint in the garden that is 2 king-size papers long, which is ok. We leave at around 3 for the $30 cab ride, and it is amazing late at night with no one else on the road and this car flying through the forests of Vienna, Austria like a space ship in the dark. My friend who took 4 woodrose seeds was puking and fucked up all night and he felt like he was dying, woodrose seeds fuck you up... I found shrooms very natural as if they didn't take over your mind and body, only enhancing it.. A LOT. I get home at 3:20 and at around 3:30 I sit in my window looking out at the city from suburbia. I smoke a joint, which I usually do in my window. The horizon is getting yellow, very calm and peaceful the world is wonderful.

But then I can’t sleep until 4 and the fucking birds wake me up at 5.... oh well.

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