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so happy, so sad

it all started on a friday afternoon after school, me and a friend had decided to take 30g each that day.

it all started on a friday afternoon after school, me and a friend had decided to take 30g each that day. So he came round and we blended up the mush with some lemon water, we consumed this and even before we had finished i could feel the familiar mushroom feeling.

after a while we decided to go in to my garden and we went out and lay in the grass and looked at the sky, when i sat up all the colours were so bright and everything looked so good, we got cold and decided to go inside.

we were sitting in the living room collapsed on sofas watching all these strange hallucinations before us, stuff changing colour and dancing around and some cool patterns, i found that if i concentrated i could hullucinate more which i found interesting, after a while we grew tired of this room and went into the room next door. This is where my friend found the mirror we gazed in looking at our reflections, and then my friend suddenly says he looks so ugly, he got really down and low and looks into this mirror for about an hour and a half.
even though my friends discomfort it didnt really effect my very happy mood,
which was good.

eventually i manage to get him away from this mirror we went to the kitchen ate some food and went up to my room, listened to some music and smoked a shisha.
after smoking i felt the mushrooms come back quite a bit and was having some pretty cool closed eye visualisations after this i collapsed, i felt so drained and dead i tried to goto sleep but had to get up again and spent the evening smoking and drawing until i could finnaly sleep.

this was a good experience and my friend enjoyed it too even though the mirror bit, i think next time i will try solo tripping which i have wanted to do for a while but wanted a bit more experience first, i feel as i am ready now to explore deeper and learn new things from this fascinating state of mind

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