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so good so good

Alright, let me tell you something about myself.

Alright, let me tell you something about myself. I am fifteen years of age and this was my second time on mushrooms. My first time i had a really bad cold or something and i got incredibly sick and felt like i was dying, not fun at all. But my second time was amazing.
My second time was great though, it started like this: it was about 10 o clock in the morning, I was with a friend and it was his first time. we had about 9 grams of mushrooms and around 5 grams of weed, a gram of hash and even a few cigars. I decided to bring along some ginger ale and pepto bismal just incase.
We were hoping to put the shrooms into mac and cheese, but there was none around so we walked to the thriftys nearby. There was no mac and cheese and the only thing good there was macaroni salad so we bought that. about 30 mins later we were inside a huge park sitting on a picnic bench smoking weed while we prepared the shrooms, i was unsure about eating all of them because of my first trip, but my friend convinced me too. He couldnt take the taste i ended up eating his last amount. We had mostly stems and two very tiny caps. Supposedly stems give you a body high, this is no lie. about 40 mins later i was walking around the park in circles feeling like i was melting but i was still constintly chain smoking marijuana and cigars. another 30 mins went by and i found myself in a cemetery? wtf. i saw sketchy people walking around me looking sad. so i decided to peace.
Me and my friend went to another park with a spectacular view, i could see my whole town, it was amazing but there was tons of old people there which was sketchy so we peaced.
We ended up walking around this park about 5 times without realizing it, i wanted to go home but it wasnt a good idea because my parents were there and i was still harsh tripping.
So we decided to go back to the park with the view and there was noone there this time, i meditated for about 30 mins in the sun it was great. We saw a few friends in the park and we decided to go and say hey, but we got lost.
This was not good i had no clue where i was and i was still smoking weed, i decided to stop the reefer and figure a way out. we walked for about 15 mins until drifting back into reality and finding a way out, i was still harsh tripping though. i decided we smoked a bowl of hash we were almost out but oh well. we did this, and let me tell you hash is way better then weed for shrooms i suggest it. everything was shiny and colourful.
It was 1 o clock and thats when my parents went to work so we went back to my house.
We were walking back right next to my house when this cool black kid came up and said hey. my friend being shroomed, splurted out '' i just ate so many mushrooms!!!" and accidentaly spat all over this black kids face. supposedly this black kid is very popular at his school and my friend made was sketching out about it afterword, and i told him it was nothing and told him to calm down and gave the black kid a cigar. We then went inside and watched a movie called sideways, it was very depressing but i thought it was good. all of a sudden i saw a big black hole that was slowly closing. we just chilled for about a few hours then peaced back to my friends house and watched trailer park boys. i was done around then. i was done tripping. my friend said that was the most fucked up he had ever been in his life and he has done harsh drugs like lsd and E/speed.
it was a great time, so we celebrated by getting his brother to buy a 12 pack and we all got drunk. THE END

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