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Snoring as a translation of language and dreams.

I had never tripped but i had read alot from shroomery.

I had never tripped but i had read alot from shroomery.com so i was well prepared. I had given my friend 20$ and he hooked up a tiny bit under an eighth. The mushroom was good quality it had blue stains and golden flakes on it. I ate it and swallowed 20 oz of orange juice. I read that shrooms dont kick in for 30 min., but it took an hour! I was pissed thinking i got ripped off i was sitting on the side walk listening to the doors with my sobre friend. i am an artist so i decided to draw i was making weird drawings with little sense. i looked up and i felt tons of tiny raindrops but i guess there was no rain.

I go inside and there are like 100's of tiny little anticts all over the living room. The exorcist was on and i couldnt understand the beautiful color the t.v was making. i went outside and the patterns on the wall were insane i followed and it was like a language. i rememeber my hands had beautiful neon pink light following them closely. My friends fat little sister was sleeping with a big blue blanket and it had little squares on it. I sat in my chair and it seemed like my arms were melting into the couch. Designs were just dancing with each other: designs just flying and dancing in mid air the anticts were like just so insane coming at me! so im sitting and the chair begins to bob up and down and the fat girl was an ocean man. evreyone fell asleep but i couldnt cuz i was so exited that i was trippin. evreyone fell asleep and my friends dad was snoring and it was like a language of some kind. its a weird trip

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