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Slayer Skull Lives

I woke up and picked up my girlfriend and went shopping.

I woke up and picked up my girlfriend and went shopping..

8 hours later...........

Went to a keg party and smoked a few joints, got real fucked up off some good schwag bud (oxymoron?) and gapped out for a few hours, after my buzz had dissapated, a local junkie I know offered me some shrooms.

The shrooms had orange caps, I had two small shrooms dried, must of been about a gram.. Well I ate it..

We went walking to a abandoned house where we used to live, I sat upstairs thinking about living in the old house.. it made me sad. Tears were coming to me as I thought of the good memories in the house.

I stood up and took a piss in the closet, then walked over and looked out the window. Strange. The branches from the tree's were swaying with my friends words as he spoke, I lit a joint and sat back on the floor (avoiding my piss).

The room was black, the only light that came in, came in from a window outside. I watched the cherry of my joint. I wrote letters in the darkness with my joint and they stayed in the air for minutes. It was strange.

I suddenly looked outside and saw a skull.. it was the skull from the slayer seasons in the abyss album.. A exact copy of the one from the cover of the album.. It suddenly flew into the room and spun infont of my face, I was terrified.. I tried to scream but I was so afriad that nothing came out but a breathless gasp. The skull was crunching bones in its mouth, upside down crosses flew from its eyes.. Suddenly I felt at peace with the skull, it was my friend, it was my guide through this night of strangeness.

The skull dissapeared and We left the house... After 3 more hours of walking around the effects were gone. It was a good night, one to remember. Ever since, Slayer has been my favorite band, buying all their cd's and seeing them in concert.. what a nice trip...

Thanks to the junkie who hooked me up..

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