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bruised penis

It was a semi cold december day.

It was a semi cold december day. My little bro was playing basketball in our backyard court. I got a bic mac and turned it into a SHROOM MAC... ate up and washed it down with some evaclear and sprite. I went out side and played ball with my little bro. everthing was cool, I took about 2grams...I was playing basketball and started to trip in about 15min. I guess i was running pretty hard and that made my body digest alittle faster. I came on and my little bro started looking at me funny. It hit me VERY hard. I tried playing alitle more and started getting rubbery like. I saw a blue jay land in the grass at the edge of the court and it looked like a fuckin giant condor. it was blue as shit. I walked as close as i could get to it and started talking to it. i had a good conversation with it until my little bro walked over and scared it away. then he asked me what was going on. he told me to stop and passed me the ball right at dick level. I then saw a splash of colors and right away I knew that I was looking a pain. Pain is good a voice said. I kneeled down and clenched the dick and nuts. oooooh goes my little bro. what are you on? i told him shrooms and he asked for some. i told him where they were and he was gone within seconds. the pain in my dick and nuts would not go away. i started to cry, but i felt like a sissy so i stopped b4 my little bro came back. I heard a fart. I looked and it was my bro finishing my sprite. he looked all warped and was fucking with me b/c he knew that i wanted that sprite. I didnt pay 2.99 for that mc 'ds valu meal for him to eat all my shit! "i see you pain he said". He realized what was happening and talked me out of it. I told him how i was pissed at him b/c he make the blu jay fly away. he appologized and pointed at the dog standing at the fence next door, and i walked over and started talking to him. i told him how i sometimes i wished i was a dog and how i'd like to frolic in the dirt and piss on anything i save fit. my conversation seemed no longer private b/c my little bro kept laffin at me. i got pissed again. i went in the house and felt depressed and decided it wasnt a bad idea to drink alcohol and shrooms. I'll never do it again. I will never trip with anyone who isnt tripping, and i'll never participate in sports while trippn either

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