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Skulls and milk

This story is about the second time i ever took shrooms.

This story is about the second time i ever took shrooms. I remember having bought the 5 grams of shrooms off of my dealer and being extremely excited, since my first shroom trip i had only dropped 1 gram, and still had a pretty cool time.

the next night, i invited my friend over for a sleep over. The plan was that since i was providing the drug, i got 3 grams while my friend got 2. it was around midnight when we finally dropped them. keeping in mind a tip that my dealer told me, we drank a good deal of orange juice with the shrooms, since he said vitamin C intesifies the trip.

me and my friend were told the first 30 minutes were going to be uneventful, so in that time we quickly went over to the local convenience store and picked up some supplies. then we escaped back to my house, where we waited eagerly for the fun to start.

it must of hit my friend hard right away, cause the next thing i knew, my shroom trip had just started (minor brightening of colors, and my ceiling started moving) when my friend got up from his, started babbling about writing something, and left for the kitchen. i let him go, figuring he was just getting warmed up. i sat in the same spot for about 30 minutes as the shrooms starting taking more effect. by now, the walls had started pulsating with my heartbeat, and i felt a weird inner peace that i had never felt before, but it was really cool. but, my friend hadn't been back from the kitchen yet.

getting curious, i stood up from my spot. that must of been the trigger, cause as i looked up when i stood, i noticed that my kitchen doorway was getting farther and farther away. getting a bit worried, i quickly ran into the kitchen, where i found my friend curled up in ball on my counter, beside my sink, writing on a piece of paper.

this is where things got interesting. as i moved carefully towards my friend, he suddenly jerked his head up, staring at me as if he was a stunned deer that was staring at car headlights. i saw his pupils were already severely dialated......and then he smiled. so, being naturally curious about what was on the paper, i took it from his hands. as i read the complete nonsense written there, he started to attempt to explain to me that he had discovered and was writting about how there were different layers to my sink, and how each layer signified a part of life.......fucked up.

so, i quietly gave him back the paper so he could continue his work, and turned towards the door leading outside.....that was a bad move. my door looked like a giant monster with huge eyes that kept getting bigger. naturally, i figured the only way to escape this beast was to get outside as fast as possible. another bad move.

suddenly, i was outside on my back porch. i had gotten past the beast, but there was no way i was prepared for what i was now looking at: my backyard fence had turned into a jail, complete with cell bars and everything.......so i freaked. i ran towards the back of my yard frantically, and when i got to the fence, it was back to normal.....phew! feeling a bit better, i jumped over my fence into my backlane and decided to take a walk.

as i walked further down my back lane, i began to feel uneasy again, and when i looke behind me, i couldn't see my fence. i got scared and started running back towards the direction i thought my house laid, and it was now that i noticed things really starting to fuck up. the trees around me started moving, forming arms that were reaching for me. i ran harder, but the faster i ran, the more hands tried to grab at me. i must of run about 3 times up and down my back lane looking for my house, all the while trying to avoid those devilish arms that were now turning into tiny heads......i don't remember how, but i somehow wound back into my backyard, sitting in moist grass.

i remember closing my eyes at that point, feeling safe again.....then a multicolored skull started forming through my closed eyes, and as it took the shape of the scariest skull i'd ever seen, it winked at me. now is when the trip went horrible.

i yelled out, and opened my eyes, to see my friend standing at my back door, yelling something at me. i got up, extremely freaking out now, and tried to explain to my friend i wasn't feeling good.......and suddenly, if felt as if my lungs collapsed. i couldn't breath

it wasn't that i couldn't actually breath, but for some reason, i had forgotten the lagistics of breathing. after about 30 seconds of terrifying fear, i gulped in a breath of air. in that breath, i yelled for my friend to call an ambulance, because i seriously thought i was dying. then there was complete silence. i assumed he was calling the ambulance, so i sat on my porch, concentrating on breathing. it was at that point that i was looking at the grass, and saw the grass blades coming together to form that damed skull again. i looked away, and concentrated on staying alive.........it was at this point i told myself i'd never do drugs again.

what seemed like hours later, my friend walked out with the phone to his ear. good, he was talking to the ambulance.....i could already hear the sirens coming to save me. my friend then told me that the guy on the phone said for me to go inside and wait. so i obliged, and went inside, feeling strangely better now. once inside, my friend continued talking on the phone, and the guy told him to look to see if my pupils were dialated. they were of course. as i continued looking at my friend though, i noticed his teeth were growing into fangs, and his hair starting moving unnaturally, so i yelled and ran to my living room and hid under the table. my best friend had turned into a fucking vampire!

but somehow i knew things were fine, cause when my friend walked up to me and looked under the table, he said "dude, they're not sending an ambulance. they told me to tell you that you have to drink 1 litre of milk for every gram that you took, and you'll be fine in the morning."

he then asked me how much i took, so i said 3 grams. "dude, you need to drink 3 litres of milk" was what he said next. so i calmly sat down on my couch and told him to bring on the milk.

for who knows how long, i sat there, drinking glass after glass of milk. when my friend said i had had 3 litres, i felt good, and laid down.

the next few hours were a complete blur of movies, a wrestling match, and few moments where i found myself at the toilet, thinking i was going to puke.

the next day, i had found out that my friend hadn't actually talked to an ambulance guy, and he had dooped me into drinking 3 litres of milk.......and i had a lump on my head from which he told me i had hit myself with a dinner plate. he said i had said that it was in the name of logic.

needless to say, i figured that i had just had a bad trip, and that it would never happen again. within 2 weeks later, i was out again for another fun filled adventure with my best friend, and new found pal, the shroom.

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