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Hi Im Chris and I am going to report my first trip.

Hi Im Chris and I am going to report my first trip. I live in Mukilteo WA, 30min N of Seattle. It was a wednesday and on wed. we had block days so school started 1hr30min later. So I get to school about 2hrs before school starts, I meet my friend Phil and we meet another "friend" in the cafeteria who hooks us up with 2/8 for $65. I convince my friend Jason who is in the library working on a project that we just want to sit in his car and trip until school starts, he gives in, he walks us down to the lot and opens the door and we get in Phil in the drivers seat and me in the passengers seat. We conume 1/8 each and eat about half a box of licorice Altoids. we wait and listen to music(Jason is kind enough to have 2-10in subs.)We start to feel buzzed starting to feel loose...---I should probobly let you know something about Jasons car, its a 96 Mazda 626 white with very black windows it was a repo car and he picked it up for 700. Well not 2 weeks after purchasing it me and him were hotboxing and he broke half of the key off in the ignition so you gould start it with just about anything. There now you know that.--- SO...we were starting to feel loose and Phil pulls a nickel out of his pocket and looks at me and we both know what we want to do. We start the car, we drive about 15mi to the mall and at that point niether of us are in any state to drive were are laughing hystericly, crying, and just out of control laughing. So yeah were are tripping by then this is probobly 1hr l8er. We drive back towards school and pass school and go up the road to a wallgreens and park right in front of a 30ft tall cinder block wall, so were facing it and all we can see are cinderblocks, and thier breathing. So I get out and go into the store and by 2 of the big bottles of water, some more licorice altoids and some sunglasses(the big square girl ones and they have these lenses with the=is red fade so if you look down it gets lighter and if you look up it gets darker. I go to the checkout and she askes me how Im doing and I try to answer but I just cant form a sentence I just spit out clumps of words, even though I knew what I wanted to say. i go back to the car and Phil is looking in the rearview mirror but hes about 3in away from it. I try to tell him that I cant go to school like this, then Jason calls, "where the hell is my fucking car!", uhh... were at walgreens we used a nickel to start it, "the cars still running right?" uh no Phil shut it off. "FUCK! the ignitions locked then!" oh fuck, he walks up to wallgreens and yep the ignitions stuck, Im bad tripping by then the taste's everywhere on my hands in the air in the car, im sweating like a pig. So Jason calls one of our friends who works at a repair shop and he calls a guy to come and fix it. School had started by then, now im a pothead so I already miss alot of school, my dad is mad every time I miss school so im stressing out. 1 & a half hours l8ter the guy comes and it is 70$ so he fixes it and jason leaves without me and phil so we call another friend and he comes and picks us up but he has friends in the cab so we have to lye down in the back, shit that was crazy. so we go back to school and by then we were ok to go to school but I was still sweating like a pig, I mean its dripping off my forehead. BUT we made it, and then I went home took a shower and ate dinner, caught the phone call from the school and left to go hang out with Phil, we went to the beach shoked 2 blunts and chilled while the sun set. And thats my story.

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