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Six Flags

My friend and I had tripped only once before the one I am about to describe.

My friend and I had tripped only once before the one I am about to describe. We really liked the experience the first time we tripped and decided it would be very cool to try it while on the rollercoaster of Six Flags Great America. My friend got the shrooms and we met with the four other people (non-shroomers) we were going with and left.
Of course my so called friend decides to wait until we are half way to the park to show me the skimpy ass bag he bought. He then got greedy and decided that there was only enough for him. I was royaly pissed. Thank god my other friend had brought some weed or the whole thing would have been a total bust. My friend ingested early enough so that they were kicking in right as we entered the park. I smoke a good amount of weed and was pretty stoned.
We got in line for the Viper and my friend was starting to get into his trip. He was looking at the bright plant colored plants on the sides of the line and talking about how he wanted to eat them. Me being very stoned found this very funny and proceeded to make fun of him. I think this really brought him down because after that he started getting really paranoid. He started talking about how he felt like everyone in line was looking at him and that thousands of eyes were staring at him. I tried to explain that he was just tripping but it didn't help. He then got really pale and said he didn't feel good at all.
I picked up on a bad trip about to happen so I started to take him backward through the line to the bathroom. This is where the shit hit the fan. He completly keeled over and hit his head so hard on the concrete you could hear it thump. He layed lifeless on the ground in front of all the people in line. I started to freak, which didn't help because anyone who has gotten stoned and got into a bad situation knows how adrenaline can intensify any buzz by at least two times. I didn't know what to do. I frantically tried to get him up without making a scene but it was too late. Everyone in line was looking at him. He was probably only down for a totall of thirty seconds but it seemed like an eternity. Finally I got him up, but he still didn't look good. I thought he would puke any second. I got him to the end of the line and he leaned over the railing to rest. His eyes were watering uncontrollably and he was pale white. He then fell one more time. I caught him half way and tried desperatly to keep him awake. He stayed out for another fifteen seconds and I finally got him over to a chair. I was so freaked out I was shaking. I was trying to act cool so that he wouldn't get any bad vibes from me and go into a worse state. I asked him, "What in the hell was that all about?!" he explained that his vision went completly white and that he was blind and had no clue what was going on around him.
My other friends had left us in fear of an altercation with the park security because "good semeritins" (i know thats spelled wrong) went to go and find an authority figure to help us. This of course was very unwelcome. It took him a good 45 to an hour to get completly in control, or at least to where he felt he wouldn't fall again. Thank god it ended there, he was able to go on rides later and have a good time. I was very jealous after my weed had worn off and he was still going strong.
This scared me from doing shrooms for a long time but I realized that it was the situation in which he was that caused his bad reaction. These are some leasons I learned from that experience. Never do shrooms around a group of strangers or even people who you don't know very well. Always have a "savior" to take care of you (which i took the role of this time) in case something bad happens. Last but not least always share with your friends, it's a lot more fun that way. Although I didn't actually trip for this one it was a very memorable experience in my life which involved shrooms.

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