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silicone stardots

i had this trip during 1999, so there are some parts i don`t remember as clearly as i should have wanted.

i had this trip during 1999, so there are some parts i don`t remember as clearly as i should have wanted.

i, and two of my closest friends, lets just call them M and E for the sake of it, where at E`s place.
I and M were in this small city where E lives at the first time, and she had just moved there.
It didn`t really appel to any of us to go out that night, just to meet people we didn`t (and most likely wouldn`t want ) to know since this was a quite small town.
E. had grown a large amount of cambodia that summer, and we decided that we would break them in and take a walk around outside the city because the forests and nature in general there is just beatyful.
it was middle-autumn and the sun had just gone down.
i chewed the shrooms lightly and washed them down with some orange-juice and then we headed towards one of the big leaf-tree forest around.

the time it took to drive there was about 20 minutes and i felt i was starting just before we got to the place we had decided to start walking from.
sound and light/colors where getting more intense and it felt like the wind where coming in through the "cracks" between the cardoor and the car itself.
as if the whole car twisted lightly, and caused the cracks to open.
i kept trying to hold the hair that the wind caused to fly around inside the car down, but it seemed like it wasent stuck on my head , but flying around playing with me.
tricking me to believe it was MY hair, not the hair ITSELF.

we got to an open meadow just outside the forest and got out of the car, then we started walking.
i swear we had been driving for longer than 20 minutes because i could feel the effects very clearly now and things where starting to move around and appeared like some sort of floating substance.
it was getting darker and the few clouds on the sky looked like they where lit by some sort of green worm.
it kept wiggeling and, what looked like, trying to get out of the cloud that now looked like some sort of green cotton-candy surrounding the wiggeling worm.

i lost track of both time and my friends, witch dozed higher than me and probably had just wandered off.
i ran around inside the forest and i kept knocking ogn the trees because i remembered that i`d READ some trip reports about talking trees and such.
i coulden`t understand why they wheren`t talking or even just greet me as i walked by them.
the trees where really big and i started feeling as if they where plotting up against me, that they were planning on breaking me by faking to fall.

after what seemed like a looong period of mild paranoia, i reached to the other end of the forest.
i were now walking along a little road that crossed a big fielt of yellow-y liquid substance.
they where bending , like if their sides ( what seemes to be the horizon) went down into the ground, where there was no ground.
like if i was walking on this road that was just the "top" of an energy-sylinder and that the yellow substance (witch most likely was a field of corn or something) where forming the sides of the sylinder by bending down beneath me.
then the road started bouncing up and down, like some sort of soap-bubble.
i ran, for a long time i think, and my boots felt like they where just a layer of rubber over a bunch of sharp ojects that were the "sole" itself.

i couldn`t have been running that long, because the next thing i remember was that i was still along the same substance, only now it had formed itself like triangles.
they where appearing up from the subrance and then they would burst and create a nice breeze of the air it trew out.
i got this feeling that the substances of each side of the road where meant to be mixed, and that i had to make a river over to the other side.
the color on the one side of the road had turnes to a rather pinkish color and wasn`t good looking at any longer.
the yellow substance suddenly formes a hand sticking up right besides the side of the road. in natural size i think.
it was talking with its hand, like a puppeteer without a puppet...ehm.
it was moving it`s four "upper" fingers up and down and creates a huge "blurp" sound at first.
then some other sounds, like a washing-machine or something.
and it was going "ahem, ahem i have something important to tell you"
it said that it wasent here, but that it would show itself to me clearly if i mixed him and her...
the reason the substance on the other side of the road was turning pink was that in was sick.
it became sick wehn it didn`t "mix"
i told him of course i under stood and i would do anything in my power to improve the situation.

i stared to dig a river with my feet, with by now had soles formed like spades (spades like in cards) and i digged across the road.
it was quite a strange feeling digging in what seemed like dust with the sharp end of the "spade".
then there is a whole, i can`t remember any more of that situation.

then i am walking, i don`t know where i can`t pick up the surroundings.
it is quite dark, though and i am walking towards this shining ally of trees.
if shines like the air surrounding the leaves is dusted with gold and the makes a paper-sound, very vague THIN paper sound.
i am walking in beneath the trees, they greet me by sending these little glowing white creatures down at me.
actually they where just flying around under the crowns of the trees, among the glowing dust.
they look like little "tinkerbell`s" with paper wings.
i start to feel very satisfied with myself since i had actaully seen them, and consentrated on walking again.
it seemed like i was 3 or four inches above the ground and that i was walking upwards this invisible path.
pure energy.
it lead through the end of the trees and when i could see the sky again it was dark blueish with small "moons" all over it instead of stars.
they wherent clear in color and they where shifting and pulsating, and then they stated growning.
like if the sky was about to hit the earth!
i realized it was only these objects that where coming closer and that they were large pieces of SILICONE!!!
they where pulsating and shifting all over the shy, turning around and twisting their little bodies.

this were freaking me out a little so i decided to move on.
only to realise that it was about time i jumped down from the "energy path" because it had formed organic formes that where trying to hold on to my legs.
i jumped and landed, witch was a quite amazing expirience itself.
i decided to start to walk the same way i thought i came, to maybe head back to the car or something.
i were getting a little lighter out too, and i ran for a while.
the whole time i felt i couldn`t husr anything, i was just fluids taht would bend in any directin if needed and i just ran, soaking the trees with the side of my body and awoiding what should not be harmed in any way.

i was on my way down by now and was feeling the stereotypical feeling like love, understaning and compassion
along with exhaustment and my feet where killing me.

large black hole.(witch probably in just my memory and or other things not directly connected with the intake of mushrooms)

i got back safely, luckily
and my friends ran into me on my way to the car.
i had been saying all the starnge expected thing,
and had told them about the unhappy, divorceed fluids by the tinkerbellys and how i had helped them out.

a wonderfull inspiering tripp all in all.
quite special though, since in lacked most "normal"
psychedelic visuals ont such.

| stine

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