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Silent Spud

They call me Silent Spud.

They call me Silent Spud.. part because I'm normally a rather shy fellow and part because I apparently remind my friends of a Potatoe - all eyes. I like to think of myself as an observer. There are just so many things to look at and words tend to taint the experience. But enough about me, we're here to speak of my first incredibly date with euphoria.

I suppose I should start out by telling you I'm a natuarlist when it comes to my drugged out experiences. I was introduced to pot at a relatively early age, but have always refused to touch things chemically created. Unfortunatly for me though, I was incredibly curious about halucinating, but acid was just out of the picture.

I don't know why I never thought of shrooms, I suppose the only time I had ever heard about them was on those low budget movies where the main characters would be yanking them out of wads of cow shit. Needless to say this was a no no in my book. There was no way in hell I was gonna munch on something that came out of cow crap, and even if I wanted to - there aren't many cows where I live in Jersey.

But then.. yes then, I discovered this very website! The Shroomery. I was so hell-bent on getting myself some of Mother Earth's Magical Mystical Mind-bending Mushrooms, that I must of explored this place till I had every bit of knowledge that a young adult could possibly gather. Growing Mushrooms?! Now this sounded like a good idea. To make this a bit shorter, I'm sure you guys can take the hint. I ventured from health food stores to A's Garden Center and huddled up everything I'd need to grow myself some of these (not-so) tastey little treats.

And about perhaps a month of so later, the fruits of my labor where ready to be munched on. I only started with a one pint jar and one half pint jar, figuring I'd take it slow and see how everything went.. well it went perfect. Infact, I had enough shrooms for not only me to get tripped out of my mind,but probably enough for my friends to get a little doused up too.

So the date was all set, I'd travel over to my friends.. well, for the sake of concealing names, let's just call him Jay. Anyway I went to Jay's house, where his parents would be gone for the entire weekend and a small party would be held Saturday. We decided Friday Night would be a good night to trip, so that we could all share our flipped out experiences with the guys and gals the next day. So myself, Jay, and another friend of mine who we'll just name Wilbur, all huddled into Jay's room and where getting ready to set the mood.

Jay's more of a 80's rock kind of guy, but we convinced him to atleats put some Floyd on, and I brought most of my Phish bootlegs and some Morphine (the band) CDs - we where set for music. His room was already pretty tripped out, from a black light and a few black light posters, to this goofy little glowing disco ball type thing, which when plugged in would project multi-colored music notes around the walls of the room.. I could hardly wait.

Jay was busy putting on some Phish, their Rift CD, while Andrew cracked out the orange juice and I fiddled in my bag for my shrooms. And so, with Phish playing the beginning of the title track to the CD (Rift), we sat in a triangle of sorts on his carpet while they starred in awe at my creation. Two small zip'lock baggies stuffed full of deliciously raunchy shrooms.. yum yum.

By the time the Phish album was nearly a third through, we already consumed every last mushroom and drank nearly all of the orange juice.. but didn't feel much of anything. Jay reached under his bed and pulled out the bong we had made last summer while Wilbur started to look for some of his stash of weed, I lectured, "Give it sometime, dudes! I followed everything word for word, so we're either gonna trip out of our minds or get some sorta disease.. either way, save your weed for the party."

After a little scuffle, they agreed to give it another ten minutes - but lucky for my ass, it would only take about two. It all started with the music. For those of you who are familiar with Phish and have the Rift CD, you probably know the song Sparkle. Anyway, just as it reached the near end when the boys of Phish were belting out, "You laugh and laugh and fall apart!" again and again and again and again, myself and Wilbur noticed Jay was cracking up while starring down at his hands. At first I wasn't sure if he was laughing at the song or what, but not much later he was wiggly his finger around and bringing them closer and closer to his face, all while giggling insanely. I turned to Wilbur, but he was transfixed on the Jimi Hendrix black light poster.. starring at it like the picture of Jimi burning his guitar was the most intriguing thing in the whole damn world.. but me?

Well I had to wait another few moments for anything to happen, but without all that much warning the walls about we started to.. well, pulse. I believe you guys call it breathing, and I must agree, it did look quite a bit like each and every wall around me was taking long, slow, breaths. And the disco ball.. oooh god! Those fruity little multi-colored song notes which where once lamely circling the walls about me, where suddenly being bounced off each wall, as if the walls where playing a game of pong with them.. or like if either wall on either side of me was juggling them back and forth all while I was sitting inbetween them, giggling like a school girl and trying in vain to capture them as they flew all about me.

I had totally lost all care in the world, and can honostly say I don't remember seeing or hearing Jay or Wilbur for the rest of the trip. It was like they both disappeared and left me alone in this barrage of psychedlic hopping music notes. At one point I remember lunging to my knees and capturing two handfuls of the notes, still exciting and giggling, I got close to the ground and opened my hands just a bit to peek inside - nothing. Opening both my hands completely I was rather awe struck once realizing the notes had all melted into my hand's flesh, leaving both them looking tie dyed.

This was too much.. I began rubbing my hands on the carpet beneath me wildly, trying in vain to wipe the colors off - but the refused to leave, instead just leaving the swirl of pretty colors all over the rug where my hands had frantically rubbed.

I remember starring at the marks I had left on the carpet for quite sometime, only to find them slowly melting and oozing into a very liquid looking puddle. A rainbow puddle! And so there I sat for what felt like hours gazing into the puddle while it bubbled and flowed in gentle circles. It was so beautiful.

But what time was it?! I also remembering being increasingly worried that it was morning, and so at one point I must of crawled onto Jay's bed and toward his window. Darkness. It was probably only like Midnight, maybe closer to one in the morning, but I wound up starring at the window.. the glass seemed liquidy. Like a portal..? I don't know exactly, but I remembering trying to push my hand through it only to find that it turned back into a normal window once I touched it.. and not wishing to disturb the mystical swirling glass, I quickly scurried off the bed and back to the floor.

Laying spread out on the floor while listening to Phish play the Mound, I once again gazed up at the ceiling, where those music notes where dancing. It was great.. they werne't only dancing, they where dancing just how I wanted them to. "Go left.." ..and the notes would bounce toward the left. Another fit of giggling and I finally closed my eyes.. and what sights.

Ever listen to a Phish song? Almost like stories. Well there on the floor with my eyes closed I started to invision the Mound. Everything Trey and company sung, I was seeing. "He buried all his memories of home! ..in an icey clump of lies beneath the ground!" they sang. And I inturn was seeing it. Seeing the old man which they sung about.. and watching the sereal world all about him, all about me.

The CD continued, but by this point I think I must of fallen to sleep for a bit.. or just forgotten wha happened next. Either way, I woke up hours later and looked at the clock - it was around 4:00 in the morning. Waiting for a headache that never came, I was pleasantly surprised to feel - damn good! I rolled to my feet to see Jay half under the bed! I started to wake him, but decided against it and went searching fo Wilbur.. and I didn't have to go far. He was right outside the door asleep on the couch with a Nintendo 64 controller in his lap and the TV featured none other then that 3D Mario waiting to be moved from his spot.

"Whata night.."

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