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Sign Language

Last autumn my girlfriend and I had the first ever shroom trip together and it was also the first trip she ever had.

Last autumn my girlfriend and I had the first ever shroom trip together and it was also the first trip she ever had. I had tripped many times during many years. She had about 40 Psilocybe semilanceatas and I had about 20, as it is good to have a powerful trip the first time, and also good to have somebody who is not so 'out/in there' to look after the first time tripper. We bicycled to a nearby forest/park, and first noticed that our bicycles were not at all rigid, but seemed alive. We stopped by a pasture, where cows sometimes graze (not then though). I pointed at texture on the dirt road to her and said "what's that written on the ground?" Just to point out that there is a coherency in the texture of everything, which you see when you are in the right frame of mind. We were just sitting there in the middle of the road, watching the sun go down. No one came by. Eventually we moved on, and found our way to a bird-watching tower. We climbed there and smoked a joint of homegrown. At this time it was dark, and when we climbed down, we found we could see some sort of matrix, composed of cells, between the trees. I was really surprised, when I stumbled through this matrix, that I actually could. Inside we found a large hall of corridors and smaller rooms. My girlfriend said we should be quiet while inside. When we came outside, on the other side of the tower was a place that seemed like a garden. I was stumbling around almost like a sober fool, but she was getting very delicate. She then froze to stare at something. I asked her what had she found, but she didnt answer. I saw an opening in the trees, which she later said was a very intricately decorated gate. There was some sort of a gate keeper there, whom she consulted with a very beautiful sign language, her hands moving like in some Indian or Balinese dance. She was on her knees, and sometimes she seemed to be praying. I was sitting on a rock while she was doing this, and worrying if something bad would come from the sinister looking, great big powerlines hanging overhead. Also, wondering why she was experiencing all this and I was not. But I didnt mind because, there'll always be time for wondrous things; also it was good to have a human around as my girlfriend had turned into an elf (this was almost in the middle of the city afterall). The gate keeper eventually let us through, and my girlfriend showed many places in the woods, all the while communicating silently, in this language I sometimes almost could understand. Communicating with everything. I couldnt see everything that was miraculous, but I was amazed nevertheless. My girlfriend was very amazing. There was one place there, where the ground seemed to have glittering jewels on it. Once, I started to laugh uncontrollably with no apparent reason. I think it was because she was so amazing. After I-cant-say-how-long-time we came to a road once again, and she spoke and said "shall we smoke? I need to ask direction." I rolled up a spliff. We smoked, and she said "lets go home." I easily found our bikes, because I had been geocraphically aware all the time. We came to our apartment, (where we lived together for a short time) and ate some VERY delicious fruit. This story maybe should have been told by my then-girlfriend (now lover, if you know the difference), but she is not on the WWW. Also, forgive any oddities in the text, as I am not a native english speaker.

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