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This adventure was in early fall which is hands down the most beautiful time of the year.

This adventure was in early fall which is hands down the most beautiful time of the year.

I had done shrooms lightly about a month earlier by myself, but my friend G and I were set for this to be much more exciting and ridiculous. We got an 8th from someone that we split on a mini pizza at around 1pm at a bench at an elementary school. We walked around and played acoustic guitar as we started to come up. I played a song that went exactly with the wind that was blowing. It was really weird. We walked into the field and began to laugh hysterically. It felt soooo good.

We lied down in a field and stared at the sky. The clouds began to zoom around and changed shape. I began to get a little nauseous with a body load and felt like stuff was crawling all over me in the grass. So we got up and went into the woods behind this school. We found some weird campsite where kids had been drinking recently. We sat there playing with the objects there.

After screwing around in there we walked across the school field and into town. On the way the grass and trees were very bright and wavy and van gogh like, which is one thing I definitely wanted to see while tripping. I was also able to pick out all the grass or branches going in one direction at any time. We walked through streets to the gas station G works at to visit people then back to the school.

On the way I ate an orange I bought earlier. I heard they were good on shrooms. I said that I was eating a "tree egg". We liked that idea and it joined our already big list of shrooms related words such as "imaginating" and other thing-do’s.
Back in the woods we had meaningful conversations like "What is this? What is anything? It’s everything. What’s that? There. Where? There. Oh that. This. There. Haha." And of course it made sense to us. The woods began to freak me out, as they will later too, so we left into town. Again. I began to get the feeling I’d spend the rest of my life walking back and forth. Anyway we ran into these girls that graduated last year who we hadn’t seen in a while. We got in their car and went for a drive.

First I couldn’t get my seatbelt on and wasn’t satisfied until I did. They drove and we talked with them as best we could. Driving was nuts. We were moving a million miles an hour at least and the wind coming in the window was wild. We went over speed bumps that shot through my entire body. The music in the car just added to the whole thing. I heard that "build me up buttercup baby" song, and closed my eyes and the colors were flying at me. Orange, red, and yellow zooming all over. Then the tune changed and so did my visuals to wavy purple, red, and blue. They put on MSI at one point and it made my body feel all shaky and electric like circuitry.

I got lots of synethesia in the car. I’d smell smoke, and feel one way. I’d scratch my hair and smell the color green. I touched the leather seat and felt slow and leathery. The two girls we were with were scary melting skeletons more or less. The ride felt like zoo ride as we watched people on the streets go about their ways. At one point I felt like lying down and melting my body into G, Instead I fell over on him as we went around a turn and bashed him in the head. He spent the rest of the day trying to figure out if he got a bloody nose. I kept getting noticeably scared and happy at the same time. I was a little hard to deal with. I think I fell asleep in the car after a while. When we got out back at the school and got out it was like a whole other world outside the car.

We walked across the field back into the creepy woods. I felt like I wasn’t moving at all on the walk over. Like I was watching a big life movie. On walk my arm brushed my wallet chain and I felt like metal. My arms seemed to grow in size and fingers melted together. I tried not to look at my body after that. We got into the woods and lay down on the gross ground and garbage there that was strangely comfortable. I think I about peaked here. I had a ridiculous mesh over my vision that made everything flow and move around. I felt like whatever I touched. So impossible to explain. I touched a boxing glove, styrofaom, blanket, cans, leaves, and trees and felt like that material. My body would seem like it was made of it. I got the idea that in your life you get the chance to feel like what it is to be every kind of matter with shrooms.

G became a puddle on the ground and he said I became a distorted hourglass figure with no torso. The woods began to really scare me as they were getting increasingly dark. I tried to get G to leave with me but he wouldn’t so I decided that life is really a personal adventure and it would be ok to leave. I ran as fast as I could out through the pricker bushes and trees to escape those woods. Branches seemed to pass through my body. I walked to my car started it pulled out a little then said No Way. I pulled back in and walked to the gas station.

G met up with me later there like it was some fantastic movie. We walked around town together and I felt us bump into each other a lot and it felt like we combined momentarily. We got some more pizza and just chilled. The come down was amazing. I contemplated so much. There’s so much more I don’t know how to put into words or describe. A lot more scary things happened that don't stand out anymore because the rest of the trip overshadowed that with its amazingness.

We got sweatshirts and chilled around the school for a few hours talking at night. I felt really close to G and that we had experienced something amazing together. Later my friend A demolition-derbied her car into another one by accident in the parking lot just to top that day off.

In the following weeks I had many a flashback dream. I’d wake in the night feel like my blankets were swallowing me. I’d also awake and feel a total body high and almost like I was tripping or stoned. The amount of feelings I could feel were expanded by shrooms and carried over into my dreams. I have had more crazy dreams constantly since. I’ll do these fancy mushrooms again when the weather is nice. Weeeeeeeeee.

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