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My name is Travis,the first time i took shrooms was at my friends house,i came to his house that friday night and i thought we where going to get drunk.

My name is Travis,the first time i took shrooms was at my friends house,i came to his house that friday night and i thought we where going to get drunk. Turned out 3 of my friends had ben picking shrooms the day before, so he asked me if i whanted to shroom instead, since i never tried it before i sayd yes,my state of mind was good.
I should probably mention that in total we where 6 guys there, but only 4 of us where doin shrooms.

we had about 200 fresh shrooms Psilocybe semilianceat, ziggy brewed a tea and pourd it evenly into 4 glasses, we all drank it at about sevenish pm and started waiting 4 the trip.

At first i felt a anxiety, and a mild pain in my tummy,
and after about waiting 40min i thought that these shrooms werent going to kick in at all so me and the 2 other guys not on shrooms whent fo a small walk, when we came outside they kicked in i felt like i was somekind of rockman,my skin was rockhard i dident see any visuals i just felt like it, it was strange, i started to punch windows on cars in the street convinced that i could brake them easaly, my 2 friends stopped me after about 3 attempts, they were loughing theyr ass of by the way.
Ans also i felt pumped up like i could run 4 hours and i could best anyone.

After about 20min outside we came back to my friends house then i started to get intresting visuals, i sat on the couch and was staring at the celing it was this Mahony celing with black spots on it, an suddenly the spots all melted together and ran down the wall like black slime, it dident freak me out i kinda liked it, after checking out patterns on the wall and other things i turned my attention to the TV area where the other 3 trippers where sitting and watching "Fear and loathing in las vegas"
so i ran and jumped over the couch and landed in a seat.

I was trying to watch the movie but it dident make any sense at all, in fact the movie created more confusion since johnny depp and del torro are so fucked up in the movie they made us more crazy, so we decided to mute the movie and try and chill,this led to some strange dialog, everyone was trying to tell storys but no one could finish more than 2 sentances at a time, and it made no sense at all the only thing we kepts saying was "Shroomys" and "we gotta go pick some shrooms" that went on 4 about 1 hour, then i suddenly started to look at my friend and i started analyzing him and i figured that he was the "key" to getting shrooms, i started to chase him around saying "get the Key, get the key" this was freaking him out big time.

After the "Key" thing was over we all sat down in the kitchen and started to drink some orange juice "I dont know why?" we sat there 4 about 20 min no one saying anything, we just stared at eachother and then outta nowhere we just started loughing hard, that went on at least another 20 min, i was so tierd of loughing i had stomach cramps.

After that things started to get a littel crazy, the "shroomy" talk was back and in the end we where 4 guys walking around a huge apartment saying "shroomys" and "we gotta go pick some shroomys" and we where getting a littel laoud at some point screaming it, at this point the 2 other guys that werent trippin whent outside to chill in the car, they sayd that this was crazy and they couldn't stand it anymore, they even use the words "mad house",
one of my friends started to roll up a joint in the hopes of trying to chill us out ziggy and The "key" just sat there watching him rolling like it was the last joint in the world, when that was happening i whent on the balcony to get some fresh air, not to my knowledge there was another balcony there at ground lvl (we were in a 2 story apartment) and there was some guy and a woman there sitting there sippin wine.

I started to talk to them just babbling some nonsens, talking about we where having a party and we had never done drugs and we where drinkin 4 the first time, i stood there talking to them 4 like 1 hour until my friend had to drag me inside, he was getting paranoid that these people would figure out we where shroomed and they would squeel to his parents.

The time was about 10:?? something i couldent really keep track of time i was so fucked up, but at about this time we sparked the joint this only made things worse :), after smokin the weed it seemd like it boosted the shroomys, The shroomy madness talk came back, we where all muttering the sam thing over and over and then finally we decided to go outside and try to find shroomys, (stupid idea) we started running down the streets screaming "where are the shroomys" i mean if anyone saw us he musta ben like "WTF?", we ran down some streets to a peice of grass beside the freeway, and were searching 4 "shrooms".

Now of course we dident find anything but in this madness somehow we all lost eachother, i ran back to the house, when i came inside i sat down, i was so tierd i just stared at the wall, the patterns were intresting glowing ang shifty , then about 11:45 we came down i felt like shit, like shit that had ben beatn with a hammer, but i slept like a baby :)

I love shroomys and i intend to try them again when they start to grow here, in about 3 weeks.


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