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this is the other half to my first trip report, in which i explained where when how much (4 G's a piece) and whith whom i was trippin on shrooms.

this is the other half to my first trip report, in which i explained where when how much (4 G's a piece) and whith whom i was trippin on shrooms. I said I would be back to finish it that night but...... well ya know too trippin to walk pretty much ends that idea. ANYWAY here we go. when me n jamie decided to chew the shrooms it was about 6:00pm and about 15 to 20 minutes after that i told jamie i could feel it and jamie was like yeah man me too, 6:30pm i am watching tv on the couch waiting for stuff to move around and shit but nothing yet although i did feel the urge to laugh at anything, i told jamie i felt really giddy, and that if i saw something funny on tv i wouldnt be able to stop laughing. 7:00pm i am watching tv still and for some reason i looked at the wall which is fake woodgrain pannels, WHOA to my amazment the wall was moving, the grains where mixing and swirling around like when you stirr multiple colours of paint together, i told jamie to come over and check it out and when he came over he confirmed that it wasn't just me. then i looked at the couch ( gray with black wavy lines through it, not too stylish but really trippy) at first i was dissapointed cause nothing was happening but just as i was about to look back at the tv the lines started to move up and down like the ocean during a hurricane. 8:00pm me and jamie are almost at the full peak of our mushroom trip, at which point my dad comes down stairs jamie said it was a bad idea to chew the shrooms in the basement but i said it would be aiight OOPS. anyway dad came down and asked me to go to a web site for him ( dads not a computer person if u hadnt already guessed ) so jamie jumped up from the computer after closing internet explorer which was on the shroomery.org website THANK GOD!! now this is about two and a half hours into our trip so im pretty messed up and when i try to use the computer its only complicated by the fact that the letters, symbols and numbers are totally in the wrong spot and even when i find the right letter and manage to push it its the wrong damn letter, dad is totally lost he asks me whats wrong im like wrong? uh no, nothings wrong i just have a headache, i've been on the computer for a while damn im good. so i tell him to use the computer himself. when i get up to go and sit down on the couch again, i see jamie who looks like he's seen a ghost not to mention the colour of his skin (pale gray) I lay down on the couch and try to calm him down ( jamie is deathly afraid of my dad, hell i am too hes 6ft 2in tall and he aint tiny) so i try to calm him down explaining to him that if we just calm down and wait he will get pissed off at the pop ups and error messages he gets cause again, dad isnt a computer person, at which point he will get up and go back up stairs. 15 minutes later i hear F#*! this i look at jamie and give him the (damn i'm good smile) and i swear at almost the same moment the upstairs door closses, jamie returns to his original joker self and the colour comes back to his cheeks. most of what happens later i cant remember but the important thing is that we made it out ok jamie scared me a little when he went pale but other than that the trip was crazy. i advise not doing shrooms in the house when the parents/guardians r there cause when they come around the trip takes a turn for the worse.

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