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shrooms are crazy

Me and 3 of my friends went camping for a weekend in the summer.

Me and 3 of my friends went camping for a weekend in the summer. The campground was a big party place and as soon as we got there we each downed a beer as we set up our tents. Then we smoked a bowl between us and went over to the car to put some music on the stereo. This guy comes up out of nowhere and asks if we want to buy some shrooms. Me and my friends were like hell yeah. Only one of us had ever done them before but we all were anticipating the experience.
We walked over to the guy’s car where he had his stuff and we brought an 8th. As we were buying, the guy passed us a phat bowl and we all smoked some nice bud. We then walked back over to our campsite and divided the shrooms and ate them. Everyone had told me that they taste like shit, but the taste didn’t bother me at all, they tasted like the mushrooms you buy at a store. But they did make our throats dry so we chased them with a beer. After we ate the mushies we went to this trail in the woods to play some Frisbee.

As we played some frisbee I started to feel a little buzzed and floaty. We then walked down the trail more and my friend J. accidently stepped on a frog. The poor little frog was squashed but not dead, so I decided that I needed to kill it to put it out of its misery. I hit it with a rock and then it kinda spazzed out which made me feel bad and sort of paranoid. It was about 45 minutes after we ingested the shrooms so the effects were really starting to hit. We somehow ended up back at our campsite and the feelings that I were having were starting to scare me. I tried to go back in my tent to sleep which was impossible and the small tent made me feel really uneasy.

I decided to join my friends who were getting in the car to sit down and chill. Aparently R. didn’t realize that I was right behind him because he shut the door with my fingers in it. Somehow it didn’t hurt at all. I tried to open the door but it was locked and R. still hadn’t realized that my fingers were in the door, so I nonchalantly knocked on the window to show him. After I finally got in the car I remember thinking that maybe my fingers were broken or something but I just didn’t notice because of the shrooms. I started looking at my fingers and my whole hand looked as if it were made of rubber and it was waving at me by itself. I kept thinking that were were goin somewhere in the car but then I would realize we were parked which I would forget again. My friend J. was staring into an empty cardboard box (beer case) for about 20 mins and he said he saw weird stuff. 4 minutes would go by on the clock and it would feel like 2 hours. We were listening to some kind of trippy techno dance music and I thought that I was part of the song.

I felt like I was above me, looking down at myself and my life. I thought about my life and the directon in which it was going, which seemed to be really bad. At one point I felt as if I had sunk into the ground about 30 feet and the next, I felt like I was floating high up on a mountain peak. I was thinking about life so much that I started to wig out and get scared, I thought I was gonna die for a minute. I wanted to stop tripping, everything was so weird and scary. But my friends soon calmed me down. This chick we knew walked up the car and talked to us for a little while and she said she was worried about us. Later she said that she thought S. was gonna die or something cause he looked so whack. We all got out of the car which was a breath of fresh air, I felt better right away. At first I thought that I had pissed myself but I realized that I was sweating like crazy and my clothes were drenched with sweat.

We walked up to where they sell food and everyone hangs out. We all went into the bathroom and I felt someones voice echoing. I then realized that I was hearing a loudspeaker, but I couldn’t understand the words. In the bathroom I stared at the patterns in the wallpaper until the shape of a lady’s head suddenly appeared and that’s when I left, still zippering my pants. When I was walking around I could feel everyone staring at me and I thought they were laughing at me too. I felt as if me and my 3 friends were in some kind of movie and were being filmed.

S. had to talk to his dad while R., J. and I went to the car to get something. S.’s dad told him that his grandma just fell and broke her legs and went to the hospital. I wish I was there to see his face when he said that, but his dad was only kidding , she had only bruised her knee or something. Somehow I got left in the car and laid in the back seat staring at the window and the water droplets on top of it which looked like stars. Suddenly I thought that the window was about to fall on top of me and I jumped out of the car. I wandered until I found my friends up by where everyone hangs out and stood next to them. We were staring at this puddle and when J. said it looked like it was breathing, we all started to see it and couldn’t stop staring at it.
I went back into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, somehow I had gotten older and uglier looking. I also noticed that every girl looked ugly too, but when some chick wanted to dance with me I was like ok. I didn’t care what anybody thought so I danced all crazy and my friends were laughing their asses off. By this time we had really come down and it actually felt really good.

Some things I learned about this first experience are that setting is important, and if u start to worry, just go outside or change the atmosphere. Its probly also better not to use other drugs at the same time for the first experience. And don’t underestimate the power of the shroom, cause shrooms are crazy.

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