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Shrooms And MoMA, NYC

My brain feels like a PF rice cake because I thought it would be cool to trip in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

My brain feels like a PF rice cake because I thought it would be cool to trip in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC... ....and I was sooo god-damn right. I order all who read this to catch the very next bus to this incredible city and take 4 grams of cubensis with them!!! My master plan involved one friend, $200, and one rainy day. We caught a bus at 9:30AM in Bethlehem, PA and arrived at the NY bus station (must be the PABT) at 11:30.

We each had one four-gram bag of finely ground mushrooms from Oregon. I made it a point to have nothing else on me once we were tripping--just leave it at home, guys. So anyway, my friend and I bought two bottles of kiwi-lime lemonade (pure citrus) and proceeded to the bathrooms where, unbeknownst to the innocent bystanders, we dumped the chunky powder into our drinks!! We left the bathrooms and began walking around the terminal, trying to find 8th Ave. Excited as we were, we began drinking the shit-colored drink. It masked the taste incredibly. But this was our first mistake--more on that later. We got out on the street and laughed at the fact that we were walking right past cops drink Nectar ala Psilocybe.

We got to 53rd street and turned right--started to feel a little poisoned. Here's where the mistake became evident!! Apparently the powder was so fine that it absorbed into our blood instantly. The result was that it hit us before we even finished our drinks! Walking down 53rd I BEGAN TRIPPING amongst a crowd of 4 trillion people!!! We stopped to look at these African masks and this lady started hussling us-big time. She'd was blabbering in half-African half-English about what each mask meant and how much it cost and where it was from. But the wierdest things was the prices. She kept saying "60 to 100" but every time I asked the price of a particular mask she'd tell me it cost 160 dollars. It got really fucked up and so did we so we walked away... We knew we were almost there but somehow we walked in the wrong building and got stuck in a revolving door--something that would happen quite a number of times (they are now the official bane of my existence)! Finally, we got there, and alas!, it was too late--WE WERE TRIPPING!!! All we could do is walk in and try to imitate what other people did but we had sooo much trouble.

People sounded like they were speaking Portuguese to me and I just sort of handed money to them hoping they would get the picture. They did, eventually. So we were in and it was 12:30 or so. A note of advice: don't attempt to eat mushrooms at the museum because they make you check your bags. PLEASE plan for this better than we did. (My friend was having her period and her tampons were in my backpack!!!!!!!!!!!!) Until the time that we left I never had any idea where I was or where I was going-- I just followed the flow of people and stumbled around. We stopped talking because it was too difficult and akward. There is soooo much good stuff there I can't even explain it. I would stand next to a picture and order it to distort and it would do it on command. TOTALLY AWESOME.

Some exhibits are too overwhelming even for level 3, I do not recommend anything higher. At one point we seemed to walk right into the "REALLY FUCKED UP EXHIBIT" There is no better way to describe it--just beware of itOH MY GOD THERE IS A BIRD HOVERING OUTSIDE MY WINDOW JUST FLAPPING ITS WINGS WHATTHE HELL??? sORRY that was really wierd. I love art. I love New York. Something very strange occured on this trip. It only last 3 hours for me and my friend 4.5 or so.

Very strange, perhaps so much input exhausted my mind, but I was dead sober at 3:00. We walked around, had lunch at TGI Friday's (please don't eat out in New York it costs a million bucks). Then we went to FAO Schwarz and then went home. It was one of the top ten days of my life, and by far the best trip with so much potential for more exploration. Get ready, psybernauts, MoMA is calling YOU!

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