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Brain Stew

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My first experience with mushrooms was pretty enjoyable. Myself and 3 of my friends felt like it, so the most experienced got us hooked up. He got the crazy idea of making mushroom soup. Don't do it. I don't think it increased the fun at all, and the 'broth' tastes and smells nasty as hell. But then we had a little fun. The two of us who had done it before and I had about level 2's whilst the other neophyte was having a level 3.
I have to admit that the only REALLY psychadelic thing that happened to me was that I was looking at my friend's face. I decided that it was a painted and drug my finger across the air in front of him and the image around it felt like paint and shimmered. That was it. The colors were nice though.
I also want to bestow another tip. Pot makes it so much more noticable. And since you only get a more energetic high, you can easily smoke more before you know it. We thought we had smoked 3 joints, but it ended up being half an ounce. The most experienced of us ended up hurling, which was crazy because I thought I would ever since I dosed.
A fun thing we did was look at a book filled with Dali paintings. DO IT. You see EVERYTHING he wanted to see. Going on a tangent, Dali did peyote. In fact, there's a peyote plant in one of his paintings.
My friends decided that I should go ahead and be zany and stupid. Thusly, after we were incredibly messed up and my friend (I'll call him Fred) was having a level 3 without me, I said, "I want to f*** Fred in his brain cavity so I can get the juicy sperm trippiness all over the tip of my c**k." I didn't remember that I had said that until my friends reminded me the next day. So I advise you, if you want to have a really good, memorable phrase as an experience, just let it flow and don't censor your self. Oh, and be really messed up. Thank you.

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