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Shrooms and E at a Rave

I went to my first ever rave, to see Armin Van Buuren live.

I went to my first ever rave, to see Armin Van Buuren live. I got there too early and there was no one there. I kinda stood around tapping my foot while a handful of people danced. I didnt know anyone there, I felt really alone and out of place. Now, I had just ate a lot of shrooms. About half an hour later they started kicking in. So I'm standing in the corner all by myself, trying to think positive, trying to beat the paranoia. Then a DJ friend comes up to me. Finally someone I know. We talk a while etc, this guy knows his music, and my attitude starts cheering up.

There are about a hundred people dancing now so I go to dance. I look like a total idiot. I don't know how to dance, and my eyes are swimming from the shrooms. It's obvious I am tripping. But I dont care. I go up to the speakers and start "seeing god", going through the obligatory introspective life lesson. The people are giving me wierd looks, some are laughing. Again I dont care. I keep dancing, and dancing, and dancing. It must be very obvious that I am high because the music is pouring through me, and being beside the speakers, my body is vibrating from the base. I'm having amazing open eye visuals, and even closed eye visuals. I'm probably the only one there on shrooms, so I'm acting crazy
and out of place, while alot of people are on E.

Then the music finally picks up. I am dancing great now. I notice a major change. I've been acting like I dont care about anything except me and the music. This sparks interest from the girls. One girl starts eyeing me, and dances with me. I totally ignore her. The other girls, intrigued by the first girl, start doing the same thing. Next thing I know, all these VERY HOT WOMEN are STARING at me and trying to dance with me. And I still play like I dont care! haha! And this makes them even more interested.

nubious arrives and I chill with him and his girl for a while. Got a pill of e, popped it. The mushrooms were wearing off. Chilled, rested, then the E kicked in, and the shrooms kicked back in. The combination of shrooms and e was an amazing feeling, and the visuals were more colorful than I had ever seen.

Good thing I brought sunglasses! I could put them over my eyes and just look at anything I wanted. Especially womens bodies. I would just look them up and down and theyd see me do it too, and they loved it. I danced until 7am and took a really cute raver girl home. She was wearing pink and purple everything, mini skirt with raver boots, and had her hair dyed red... SO CUTE... and I kinda singled her out from all the sluts so we hit it off really good. Bad news is she was only 17!!! I didnt know that until she's in my car, but... whatever She turns 18 in 10 days. so its all good. Fuck what an awesome time. Armin Van Buuren blew my mind, he is the man. I think there were about 2 thousand people in total.

What I couldnt understand were all these girls. Unbelievably hot girls. No matter where I went, they would follow, some of them were very up front in letting me know they wanted me. The feeling of being on object of desire was unreal. That was the last thing I thought would happen, cuz girls usually wont even look my way. I loved it!!

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