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shrooms 1st timer! funny!

My sister, me and our friend recently went to a Phil Lesh show looking for some shrooms.

My sister, me and our friend recently went to a Phil Lesh show looking for some shrooms. We found some from a chill hippie giving us a little more than an 8th. The caps were blue so were the stems. When we left the concert went back to our friend Liz's house to take them. Liz and I had about 3 1/2 crackers and my sister ate 2. We decided to go outside and smoke a few bowls. About and hour later we still felt nothing. We went back inside as my sister trips and falls to the floor laughing and Liz helping her up. I was a little pissed because i wasn't feeling any affects. Minutes later i start seeing blobs of different colors on the wall. We decided to go outside and go to a walk over to the beach. The whole scenery was different I had the most amazing body high ever. I kept seeing flags everywhere and wondering why? As we are walking my brain tells me that the left side of the road is deadly so i scream at those two to come over to the right side. We finally get to the beach and it made seem like life was perfect. I then started to see bugs all over my sisters face and Liz's, i was chill with it i just threw sand in their face and got them all mad. We walk out towards a dock and i felt like i was in Jason being killed but i wasn't bugged out it was weird. My sister was just annoying the hell out of me because she gets paranoid easily. So i kept talking to myself telling her to shut up stop asking questions. Liz decides to put her feet in the water and from then on i see leeches on her legs scared me a little but not bad. About 5 minutes later my sister starts to throw up as soon as she did i started to cry and then laugh and then cry again. She keeps throwing up for the next 20 minutes as Liz is telling her its only a drug and you are getting yourself worked up, enjoy the drug don't try to fight it. Then i start to get moody because my sister was getting worked up over nothing at least that is what i thought. we decided to walk back and i was falling behind because i couldn't stand my sister talking any longer. we finally get back to her house and we turn on some cheech and chong. i blacked out for a good 10 minutes and turned around and my sister was still throwing up. everything was moving turning upside down. My sister finally stops throwing up and we both wanted to go back outside Liz wouldn't let us because we were out of control so we just sat and watched cheech and chong. My sister started saying some really stupid stuff so i went out to the other room and talked to Liz's sister..by then i was out of it i thought she was crazy! she was saying some really weird stuff or least thats what i was comprehending. Liz heard me talking bullshit and decided lets go to bed. I didn't wanna go to bed and by then it was 4 or 5 in the morning and we took them around 11pm. As i layed in bed i started to thing that this was all fake that this was a dream so i took the crackers that we ate the shrooms with and crushed them all over myself..stupid i know..Liz got up to go get me a cigarette and we cut that..my sister was asleep by then so no worries haha. i then felt i had to pee i went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and i was like holy shit i look like Satan! then seconds later i started to piss myself! i couldn't control it whatsoever . Liz opened the door and i just stared and giggled i then ran into the bed with my pants still on drenched with pee.. they all yelled at me so i had to change. i woke up the next morning and just laughed at the situation. i would definitely do them again. which i am ill post if i shit myself this time or something haha.

note: never trip with a close family member

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