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Shroomn balls @fair

This last week 5 friends of mine and I went to the local fair.

This last week 5 friends of mine and I went to the local fair. This is not a place I would like to go without drugs if you know what I mean. We hooked up with some good mushrooms from my friend and all 6 of shroomed our balls off that night. For the first time I ate a whole 1/8th and we did it on the ferris wheel with a Pepsi. 10 minutes later I had a fat head buzz. 45 minutes later I was completely limp and didn't want to stand in line for the rides. They were fuckin' fun!!! There were lots of hotties in skimpy outfits and when we walked around the crowded walkway everything rushed passed me like a race car event. The ferris wheel was still my favorite ride because we visited it about a dozen times to smoke some green.

Our pupils swelled up like 2 pennies, like Clint Eastwood in his mid 20's. The colors were great. I layed down in the grass and stared at the clouds. They were moving very fast and had 2 layers. In between these layers were tons of blue bubbles that made 3D tetrahedron shapes and they were spinning around. It was great. Kind of like looking at a child's toy that they put different shaped blocks into. Well, my trip lasted about 8 hours and I was still high on mushrooms when I passed out on my friend's couch. I swear I was floating about 3 feet off of the pads because my hands and feet were sorta numb and tingling. Can't wait till next year!

Happy shroomin' and stay high!

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