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Shrooming Alone

When I had an 1/8 of shrooms one day in my possession, I decided that it had to be eaten soon.

When I had an 1/8 of shrooms one day in my possession, I decided that it had to be eaten soon. I found OA who also had some, so we ate the shrooms and went over to our friend T's house. Now I also brought with me some Kava, which is a muscle relaxer, and we blended it up to make a nice chocolate milk.
After about an hour, I didn't really notice any changes
in how I perceived things, but OA was already tripping out. This was his first time. I had eaten shrooms many times before so I know what I was expecting. Another hour passed, and the Kava blend had worn off. I was starting to see fuzzy outlines of everything in my sight, but I still felt pretty normal.
Then the whole group walked down to T's trampoline. We played 'crack-the-egg', and I was first. When they jumped up and down to cause me to fly up in the air, I looked down and saw the guys ten feet below me. It almost felt unreal, but when we stopped playing I felt pretty normal again.
OA was still tripping out in his little world. I was getting pretty upset that my shrooms weren't working. (Remember, never say: "My shrooms aren't working", because they probably will). And they did right when we got back in the house. The floor seemed to be glowing a gold color, and every time I walked, I felt like a was walking on stilts.
The guys wanted to go to someone else's house, so we all got into our respective cars and drove over there. We all climbed up into his attic, and played Mario on Super Nintendo. I currently had a very intense body high. I felt like someone was hanging me up by strings and doing a puppet show. It was pretty boring up there, so the guys, except me, wanted to go to an elementary school and destroy things. I thought was pretty childish, so I drove home, still shrooming. The road was glowing bright silver as I drove home quickly.
When I walked in the house I suddenly forgot that I even drove home, and I was greeted by my dad, who wanted to smoke a bowl with me. I wasn't currently having good visuals yet, but for some reason I knew it would happen eventually. I don't think I even peaked yet. Luck seemed to be with me because right after I smoked the bowl, streams of bright colors suddenly came into my vision.
I looked at my dad, and his body turned into an accordion, bouncing up and down. I looked over at the TV and it stretched high up and touched the ceiling. I looked back at my dad who was fast asleep, and his hair was flying around like he was in a windstorm. I closed my eyes and saw psychadelic shapes unfold in my vision. I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling. It looked like a giant ocean. I think I even heard a seagull in the background.
I got out of my chair and went into my room. I played some Primus, and it sounded so amazing that I thought I was part of the group on stage, so I put on an amazing performance. Hours passed as I enjoyed the many great wonders of fungi world. I even took a shower sometime during the night, and it felt incredible. It felt like I was washing off in a hot spring.
My dreams were so realistic and vivid, that when I woke up in the morning, I actually felt better than I had been in a long time.

I guess that shrooming alone cleansed my soul.

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