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Like most of my friends I had been experimenting with different kinds od drugs over my high school years.

Like most of my friends I had been experimenting with different kinds od drugs over my high school years. Some made me feel estatic(ecstacy), some made me feel depressed(alcohol), and others made me feel just plain sick(meth), but never had I ventured on such an undescribable journey as I did last August.
Two of my good friends, Casie and Mai, and I had been unsuccessfully searching for the so-called "Magic Mushrooms" for about 3 months until randomly Brandon, my dealer, called me up (I always call him so I knew that had to be a positive sign). Sure enough we hit the jackpot. Within an hour we were enthusiastically consuming our one-way ticket to another relm.
Due to, what I considered, the small(1/16) amount of shrooms we took I thought we would be able to carry out normal daily tasks. So we decided to take a trip to the mall(no puhn intended). Since I was wrongly led to believe that it took at least an hour before the shrooms would take my body over I wasn't the least prepaired for it to hit me within 20 minutes. I was in the car on my way to the mall, laughin' with my friend when all of a sudden I saw what can only be described as a spark fly off her dashboard. I did a double take and that's when I realized the shrooms were about to take effect.
I felt really silly, almost like a child. Everything my friend was saying was funny and I had this uncontrolable innocents towards everyone(at least I felt I did). As we pulled up into the secound story parking lot everything looked as though they were toys created for my entertainment. As we walked through the crouded mall I began to notice weird patterns appearing on the faces of passing shoppers. It looked like their skin had been cut into 10 pieces and sewn back together again. At this point I was begining to reach my peak and I began to get really confused. I was trying to tell my friend that I wanted to sit down but I couldn't pronounce the words correctly. I don't know why but all of a sudden I began to run up the escalador to the beches on the secound level. My friend walked quickly to catch up to me and asked me what that was all about yet I had no explanation. I just staired at the ground for what must have been a long time because my friend asked what was wrong. When I looked at the ground I could see every little knok and cranny so clearly, I could almost see right through the ground. We disided to head for my friend Casie's house to chill and give her her shooms. The ride back was so peaceful, I seemed to find the beauty in everything. From the white, fluffy clouds to the slowly swaying trees. When we arrived Casie quickly crunched down on her shroomies in the frount of her house. We were about to head over to her boyfriend Zack's house when she began to feel extreamly sick and began to puke. Eventhough she through up the shrooms she still had tripped. She started freakin' out after 20 minutes and the only place she felt safe was in her house. This became her goal to get in her house as quickly as she could but one problem her parents were home. No matter how hard we tried to convince her not to go into her house it was no use. She ended up going in just as my adventure was comming to an end. Fortunatly she knew how to play her high off and she didn't get caught. I can't wait for my next trip!

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