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boyfriend subtly became satan

This will be short because I fell asleep in the middle of my trip.

This will be short because I fell asleep in the middle of my trip. However, I made the huge error of reading H.P.Lovecraft a couple hours before shrooming. I didn't do very many so the trip wasn't too intense (thank God), but I still saw some crazy stuff. I was with a girlfriend of mine and my boyfriend of 8 months. All three of us were tripping and things were going wll for about a half hour. We were talking about our souls and heaven and the universal consciousness, light stuff like that. Then out of nowhere my friend Amalthea started telling us that her skin was shaking because there was too much light in the room. So we turned some of the lights down and apparently that just made it worse. She's a pretty dramatic girl and she started crying, telling us that she was wrong, the light wasn't making her skin shake, it was my book that was laying on the coffee table in front of us. The picture on the cover was pretty horrific (Lovecraft cover art is nuts), and Amalthea thought that was making her skin shake so hard that it was starting to tear and fall off. After a while of this she went into the bathroom and took a shower for about 3 hours I assume. I didn't se her again until the next morning. Meanwhile my boyfriend and I started making out and things were pretty calm for a while. Then I started to think that he wasn't really my boyfriend but was actually some entity from beyond our world. I was convinced that he was some crazy dark God, and that he could read my mind and if I stopped making out with him he would kill me. This really sucked because I'm crazy about the guy. Things progressed further until we were in our underwear and by this time I pretty much felt like I was about to be raped by Satan. I jumped out of his arms screaming and ran to my room where I slammed the door and locked it, and quickly went to sleep I think. He was pissed at me for about three weeks after that but he got over it. He still refuses to shroom with me to this day, which is probably wise.

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