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shroomed from school to the circus

me and some friends went shroom hunting at school, gold tops grow all round my school.

me and some friends went shroom hunting at school, gold tops grow all round my school.
we found heaps and just waited till they went blue then ate them raw. i think we must have had about 14 or 15 each and we also had beer to wash them down.
they took about 30 minutes to kick in and i went bush with a friend and as we walked down to the bush, every tree we past spun around and stretched....they just twisted in the dirt
we sat by the river for ages and i was watching the sea gulls
i'd just focus on the gull and the sky would swing like a pendulum behind the brid. my head just felt open to anything.
i understood everyones perspectives and where they were coming from and why people just sit quietly.
as we walked back, the ground was rolling beneath me and i had to tread carefully so i didn't sink. i wasn't afraid of sinking, i just wanted to be on the surface, not under it.

we got to the school and it looked huge, absoultely massive, like something from a movie.

i went up the stairs to the library and it took no effort at all, it was like i was walking on flat ground but rising or something.
i was sitting at a computer then the carpet started berathing with me. everytime i breathed in, it would rise and when i breathed out, it sank.
i was trying to type and every key i needed to press jumping up to me. i was typing like crazy but cant remember what i was typing.

but there was this bit of carpet that freaked me out
it was all shady and you know how f -16's and all that have a flight pattern V, like birds?
well, the carpet was crawling around into a V, pointing straight at me. it was slithering over itself.
(the carpet at my school is crazy, it's all pruple and prnage)

the tip of the V was about 3 metres away and slithering over the other carpet towards me...
then someone walked over it and it dissapeared

some guy was using the photocopier beside me and every time the light went back and forward, my entire body would click.
i heard a click in my ears and could feel an electrical pulse run down my body from my heart.

i had to work that arvo (i'm a circus coach) and was still tripping
everything at circus was flowing and i had to teach the kids flips.
i had to demonstrate and when i did it, i felt like i was swimming or underwater
everytime one of the kids did a flip, they would twist the wall behind them, into a big spiral

it was being pulled out towards me, like the roof of that crazy looking place in moscow,
it was a big pint and the kids were flipping and revolving round the outside of it
it was getting closer and closer to me
the spiral came towards me and touched me in the solar plexus and it held me still for ages, i just couldnt move away from it
it was twisting through me as the kids flipped
i could feel it out my back
it just felt cold, not painful or anything

everything was really clear to me, my senses went through the roof. i could see everythin so well, like i had put on glasses...my sense of touch was crazy, i could feel the air in the room moving around in a big loop.

good fun.

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