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Shroomboarding pt2

Anyways I could feel the effects getting stronger as the day went on and it was great.

Anyways I could feel the effects getting stronger as the day
went on and it was great. At one point I was riding up lift
2 and I could see the whole continental divide (I was on top
of the world - literally) I could acctually see the jet
stream as it stretched across the sky and made a tunnel
pattern in the light whispy clouds - this was simply
amazing. I could see every detail of the mountian. Huge
bowls of powdery snow and cliffs that I had never noticed
before. There were wonderful patterns in the wind carved
snowdrifts. I could even see faces in the rocks and imagined
snow beasts peaking through the snow.

I had a feeling like I was in a different realm. I could
feel the expance of the universe. I could see the whole
spectrum of light beaming from the sun in the thin mountian
air. I could see the thin mesh of cloud just hovering in the
sky like a screen. depth perception was increadibly

I was having fun comming out of my usual shell. I could
sense that all the people around me were in their own shells
and they wanted to break out but it's like they would be
inbarassed or something. It seemed funny to me that people
would act that way when they should be giggling and having
such fun.

when it was finally my turn to instruct my cousin I had a
blast, talking to him in different voices with different
accents. I was trying to make it enjoyable for him to learn.
I was able to be extreemly patient with him and upbuilding.
People were watchng how I was interacting with him and they
were smiling at the way i was talking to him. I had fun
teaching and teasing him.

As we made our way slowly down the slope I noticed the
beauty of some of the girls were that were flying past me.
when I got down to the bottom I could really notice how
everyone was color coordinated and all the bright colors
glowing in the sunlight made everyone look like cartoon
figures. I had the feeling that I was in some kind of video
game or something - it was a really neat effect.
I continued singing my songs and talking nonsense. I got to
ride up with the friend of my cousins who had met us there,
he is a real whacky guy which is probably what got my
started. while we were riding up the lift he started talking
about some show on MTV where these guys do stupid things
like jump into pools of elephant dung and cause real traffic
accidents and things like that. I can't remember the Name
and I don't watch TV so I've never seen this but I started
to think very deeply about what we've become as humans and
what seperates us from the animal kingdom and what would
drive a person to do something that stupid. I mean how far
are we willing to go for entertainment. Are we willing to
kill innocent people for a laugh?!? I couldn't get this
thought out of my head and it was really making me sad about
our species and I started to think - what If I was the
person who was in the accident that these fools caused for a
few cheap laughs. What if I had to spend the rest of my life
disabled because of these idiots.....
Then it hit me, i remebered why I stopped using drugs four
years ago and I felt that unpleastant feeling that drove me
to tears back then. I could feel the "disturbance in the
force" if you will. It was looming all around me. I could
feel their presence. Anyone who has experience a bad trip
knows what I'm talking about. There is something out there
in the collective unconscious - the imagional realm -
Wonderland - OZ - the force or whatever you want to call it
- that is causing people to act irrationally. It causes
people to go to war with one another. It causes people to
hate one another. It causes people to do things that are
unheard of, unnatural. You can call it the dark side of the
force - The Nothing - Satanic workings - Californication
whatever but it is real and it is building and getting
stronger every day. You can feel it and see it when you are
on the plant teachers. they know you can sense it.
I didn't mean for this account to bring anyone down or
anything, in fact I had a wonderful time after I was able to
push those thoughts to the back of my mind agian but all of
you know what I'm talking about - it's in the movies - in
liturature - on TV - in advertising - to quote the Chili
Peppers "I swear it's everywhere" you don't have to look
very far to find it. It's not natural and it's causing
people to do some pretty whacked out things, I just hope I
don't become its victim. My adress is DesignerJman@aol.com
Agian I'm sorry if I brought up some distasteful themes out
from the back of your mind but I know I'm not the only one
who's sensed it and I think it's good to talk about it. I
would like to hear any comments on what I've just said -
especially people who've

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