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My trip last night was great.

My trip last night was great. It all started when I decided to go and pick me some certified cow shit shrooms. After thirty minutes of searching, I found my crop and rejoiced with excitement. Eight perfect sized shrooms, not too small, not too big, just waited to be plucked. I put them in my paper bag and froliked out the pasture. Went home and ate 2 and held in my mouth. I dont dislike the taste of shrooms, actually I kinda like them. The other six I ground with oj and drank. Mmm, tasty shrooms. I was smelling like cow shit and had stickers on me so I decided to take a shower. I noticed the water was beginning to feel very unusual. Then the shower wall was becoming curvy and was kinda breathing. I thought cool, I am gonna have an exp to remember. So anyway, I went into my room with thee red light to gain some visuals. The visuals were great but they all centered on shrooms. It was like the spirit of the shrooms was puttting on a performance for me. It lasted an eternity. The shrooms would grow and die spores traveling aroound and everything. Then they gave me kaleidescope visions of them. They would spin around glow different colors and god it was weird. So, I decided to go outside after a while. When I went out my perception of time was very slow, it was kinda like the freeze frames I get on acid. It was so awesome. Petting my cats was cool too. They knew I was tripping, they like me when I am tripping, its like they sense my energy. Anyway, after what seemed like an eternity, which is cool, I started to come down, oh well. I ate some berry blue jello, which s so tripppy. Also, I came to the conclusion while tripping, I get very philosophical, that life is a dream and if there is a god is a test, its like staying cool when you are by yourself while having an excruciatingly bad trip. Oh yeah, in the shower my skin turned completely red for about a minute was so cool. Well thats my trip. ANOTHER THING: HELL WITH OUR GOVERMENT. LEGALIZE SHROOMS AND WEED, MAYBE LSD

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