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shroom trips i never got to post.

well i have taken shrooms a several amount of times.

well i have taken shrooms a several amount of times. i absolutly love them to death, and all the things that happen when i am on them. i first took shrooms on my 18th birthday with my best friends. My friend ricky had the whole house to himself for the whole spring break. His house might be one of the best places i have ever shroomed at. His house is just in this neighborhood right on the edge of the woods, and there are all trails behind his house right when we leave the fence. So you can definatly explore and do almost anything you want there. i was the only first timer. i remember always being hesitant about taking them whenever i had the chance to. i just remember hearing what they tell you in school and all these sorts of things. i mean i didnt really believe what they tell you. i mean i have tried several drugs and it wasnt what health class makes it sound like. but i was ready for them now. my 2 other friends had taken them 2 more times before they did them with me. we ate the shrooms at 8 o'clock. i didnt know that having an empty stomach would increase the way i trip. but, i was still excited after the cake an shit that i ate. so me and my friends ate the shrooms. and i just sat around on the couch wtih everyone and waited around. i just was so excited sitting around, i just kept wondering when i was going to feel somthing. and out of nowhere i went to get up and get a drink. and i felt like my whole body was made of noodles. my muscles were just so relaxed i almost couldnt stand. and i started to just laugh at it. i went into the kitchen and grabbed a drink. and then came back into the room. we were all playin fifa 06 taking turns and what not. i couldnt really sit any longer. i felt compelled to get up and move and just zone out. i walked up to the tv as everyone was playin. but i was off to the side so they could play. i stood and stared at the tv screen for minutes on end. my friend joe noticed that i was zoning. he said somthing. everyone started to laugh at me or sotmhing. and then they let me be and let me zone. at that point the shrooms were just kicking in. i had the feeling in my stomach now, and it almost felt as if waves of just energy and sound and echoes were just runnin into my head, only in waves. i would be fine one second, then i got hit in the head again wtih just confusion and echoes. i absolutly loved it. i loved having so many diff ideas running threw my head. at that point i was just walking around the house wtih my friends. more people were showing up, cause they heard we had the house to ourselves for the week. people tried showing up to the house and having a party. so after a while, all people i dont like to begin with showed up. they were asking for all their beer back. and i was the one who drank it all the day before, lol. as they were walking into the house i was amazed. there were trails of them behind them as they were walking. it was so crazy. i had no idea what i was in for that night. i stood by the back door and then the loudness of everyone made me have to step outside. i went outside and smoked a ciggerete, and i just looked at the cigg forever. i was saying that life is almost like a cigg. you can try to savor it, but sooner or later, its going to burn out. that didnt really bother me. so there i was in the yard. i didnt really know the significance of the woods and wilderness when you are on them. i started to like it, i was almost scared. but after a while it was just really cool. i went down by the side of the house by the garage. and i heard more and more people in the garage. the garage door was shut, an the light was shining threw the bottom of the door. it reminded me almost of the movie saw at the end when he shuts the big door and says game over. lol, im realyl out there i know. so im lookin and listenin to people. out of nowhere i heard horrible and blood currdling screams. i was terrified. i opened the garage lookin to save people. it was my two friends joey and brandon, with some girls all smoking a blunt. there was a toy doll that was in teh garage, and out of nowhere it just talked. it said like hi my name is whatever the fuck the name of the toy was. so my two friends bugged out, lol i ran in going out of control. then i left when i heard what happened. i walked to the otherside of the garage threw the door and it was dark, cold. it reminded me of the kruger house boiler room when i was there by myself. i walekd around a bit, then went back up the stairs into the house. when i got up there i felt compelled to leave again. everyone was so loud playin beer pong upstairs. i then went and layed down in a tent-fort that we all made. and i just layed back lookin at the patterns on the walls, and the sheets, and the rug. i had silly puddy in my hands as a gift for my trip. lol i must say silly puddy has been wtih me ever since. it keeps you sane i believe, lol somthing to play wiht when things get intense. i then went upstairs to my friends room, and layed in the bed alone wti teh door shut. things got extremely weird. i had a loss of ego, i was scared at nothing, and i kept pulling the sheets closer and closer, the tv was on mtv, but everyone was sayin things i know werent really being said. they were talking saying one thing, and i heard a completly opposite thing. i started to get real scared, and then started to laugh. i wasnt laughin as if i was happy. i was laughin almost wtih a miniacle edge. almost sinister. people heard this and walked into the room, they found me sittin in the corner wtih a blanket laughin a evil laugh with tears runnin down my cheek. after that i went an smoked a stoge wtih my joey. the night was almost over. i was still trippin kinda tho. so me and brandon then left and drove all the way across town over a bridge to seaside. we met his gf at her house, hungout there cause she owns her own house an shit. it was cool. then we left, and went home to ricks, built a fire, drank a beer or two, then went to bed. that was my first ever trip. i absolutly loved it
and then i didnt try it again for a lil while after. stay tuned for trip 2

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