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Shroom party for first trip, sereal.

Me and my friend bought 150grams of Mexacans for a camping trip and were drying them out.

Me and my friend bought 150grams of Mexacans for a camping trip and were drying them out. We decided to have some to test. Upon weighing we found we had about 26grams extra than we had paid for so we had them on the way to a party.

When we got there, 70grams of the shrooms were for a mate and because he was already very stoned he started to eat large quantities of them and gave me some more. Everyone wanted some so we dialed in some shrooms of a slightly stronger nature (Equidorians, I think :P). After about 70minutes of eating the first few shrooms I sat down to play the piano and as I was playing it the keys started to ripple and move like they were liquid. About an hour after that i was seeing everything with a green tint and then the extra shrooms arrived and everyone had about 10-15grams each. We all sat in our cars to do them and about 45mins later everyone in the house was shroomed off their faces and all being first timers like me, they were enjoying it. We all got back in to our cars to experience the effects of enclosed dark spaces and broke into fits of stomach crunching laughter every other minute. After we had Laughed each other silly we were all silent and then I really started to hillucinate. I looked at my hand and held it upside down and then realised that my skin was melting off my fingers, i just laughed and was entranced.Then I looked at my arm and thought wouldnt it be funny if it stretched and then it did, about half a foot. My perseption at this point was messed up, I was sitting in a very small 3 door hatch back, with my chair fully forward but I was convinced that I was in a limo.

After sitting in the car for a while and seeing other various fenominon we entered the house again. At this point everyone was peaking and it was extremely sereal, the walls of the house was bending in and out. I went upstairs and sat in the toilet with the guy that had taken the most and who also was really stoned. He ended up giving me the rest of his shrooms and being freaked out by a painting done by a child hanging behind him, he left. Various people joined me in the toilet and we were in their till about 3 in the morning amazed over my stretching, unusually long arm. One girl couldn't even talk, every time she went to say something she just went silent or spouted babble.

I experienced sevear time distortions, not remembering what I had done that day or days before or even were I was.

After everyone leaving I decided to stay and upon trying get to sleep discovered that I was still at my peak and just saw extremely vivid, psycadellic patterns. I got about an hour of sleep in the end and was extremely fatigued all next day.

I originally got shrooms to try but on this experience I think I'll continue to experience them.

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