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Should have taken the stairs

This is an account of a mildly good trip I had last September.

This is an account of a mildly good trip I had last September. It would have been all good except for the most stupidest thing that just HAD to happen. Anyways, read on...

Myself and 2 good freinds of mine decided to get some mushrooms for our trip to San Diego. We were really going to just hang out and go to a ball game, but since we had 2 nights in a hotel room, what the hell right? We each munched down even eigths at about 3pm and just kicked back and watched some TV till they kicked in. We've all done shrooms a number of time in the past so I was feeling pretty good about what was going to happen. It started off pretty textbook like, colors getting brighter, my focus was kinda off, I couldnt stay occupied doing one thing for more then a few seconds before I moved on to something else. Then the whole room was looking really funny, like everything was a painting. Then I thought I must be part of the painting, right? I looked at my hands and my whole body seemed to be made of colored oil pastels. It was some weird shit. We kinda layed around for a while and tripped out, having laughing fits for no reason, and discussing life and the nature of mushrooms. At one point I was seriously tripping on the carpet. It would wave and ripple like water, and becuase it was one of those berber carpets with all the different color threads, they seemed to go in some strange pattern that I just couldnt figure out. I actually got down on my hands and knees to try to figure out this pattern of colors that made the carpet. I found out later they dont go in any pattern its all random, lol. Right at my peak though, things were getting pretty wild and I had to keep my eyes closed to keep myself calm. Then we heard a car alarm go off... a very loud fucking car alarm. A car alarm very similiar to mine. I jumped up and looked out the window only to see it WAS mine! My cars lights were flashing and the alarm beeps and honks were driving my crazy. I tried to turn it off with the lock/unlock clicker from the window but it wasnt working. My friend T looked at me and told me I better go turn it off.

"This should be fun..."

I keept telling T he needed to go with me cuase this was going to be a fucking mission and a half. But alas, I had to venture out alone. As soon as I opened the door I saw someone else pass by, they gave me the wierdest look ever. Then I relized I probably have an even wierder expression on my own face and my pupils are probably like dinner plates so I grabbed some sunglasses. Some how I made it down the hallway and to the elevator door. I hit the button and waited there for what seemed like hours. Everything around me was twisting and bending so that for sure wasnt helping. The elevator finally opened and luckily no one was in it. I went in and searched for the L button for Lobby, but all the numbers on the buttons seemed like some alien language. I had no idea what was what! I was kinda freaking out by now, wondering if I could ever make it to my car and back in one piece. I did remember where the L was before though... kinda. I picked a button that was in the general area of where the L should be. I was wrong. The elevator moved up. Way up. It felt like I was flying though space when it moved, it was the strangest most undescribable feeling ever. The doors opened and I stood at what looked like my floor... odd, I had no idea what floor I was on but I knew it had to have been pretty high up. Lovely. I looked at the buttons again, this time I could actually make them out so I hit L as quick as ever just incase I forgot how to read again. I made it to the lobby and just walked as fast as I could to the door, looking down the whole time. Im sure I was walking funny though becuase the floor felt like jello to me, the damn thing wouldnt stay still! I felt like everyone was staring at me too, which is very possible since I had to have been walking like I was really drunk. I went outside and holy shit was I soooo not ready to. The noise was just ridicolous. It was LOUD, and everything was so BRIGHT. I just started to walk, didnt know where, didnt care. Just had to get away from the noise. I finally looked up and found myself totally lost in the parking lot. All the cars were the same color... purple. The sky was purple too. I felt like I was in a damn cartoon. Then I heard something fimiliar, a voice. I found out it was T! Screaming at me from our 3rd floor room window. He was pointing at something but I didnt know what. Then I relized it was my car. Thank god for T's screaming and pointing or I would have never found it. I screamed up at T that I was tripping hard as ever and was probably going to chill in my car with the music on for a bit cuase I didnt even want to attempt getting back to the room, he said something in response but I dont remember what exactly. Then he shut the window so I guessed it was all cool. I got in my car and finally got that damn alarm off. I popped in a Ween CD that I knew had some good trippin music on it, layed my seat back and closed my eyes.

I entered this awesome trance like state of color and sound. My sense of time and reality faded away as I floated through my own little world. Shapes and patterns of color danced around me. I felt like I've seen all these images before but couldnt remember when. It was like being in a constant state of deja-vu. I was then very RUDELY awakened by T banging on my window. After I rolled down the window he told me he was getting worried about me, I had been gone for about 3 hours and everyone was pretty much leveled now. My Ween CD wasnt over yet and it was a little over an hour long. So most of my time had to have been spent trying to get down to the Lobby. To this day I have no idea how long I stood trying to get the elevator to work, I always have to laugh whenever I think about it. I got out of the car and felt hungry as a mother fucker, a sign that I was fine now too, and it was good to be back. A little word of advice: If you happen to trip in a hotel and have to leave for any reason, you might want to take the stairs.

Happy Tripp'n

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