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Should have stayed alone.

I had never tripped before.

I had never tripped before. It turned terribly wrong. Read on.

For months I had considered it-doing research on this site and others. Finally, during the last semester of my freshman year at college, I decided to embark. I ingested an eighth of mushrooms that was comprised of two caps and two stems over the period of 15-30 minutes. The caps were red. I began at 8 PM. I have smoke marijuana for 3 years- heavily (3-4 times daily) for the past few months. I had smoked that evening, but I don't believe it drastically affected my trip, but probably eased the onset. I also had a cup of coffee, which I drink once daily. I carried a yellow coffee mug for the first half of the trip.

I was calm. I had "packed for the trip" by looking at artwork, reading, and listening to music. My dorm was clean and comfortable. My roommate was willing to sit with me.

I weigh 130 pounds, am 19 years old, and consider myself to be fairly intelligent.

At about 40-50 minutes after I took the mushrooms, I found the vectors of my dorm and the adjacent hallway start to bend. It reminded me of the image a "fish eye" lens would produce on a camera. The trip started to become more intense, and patterns like the linoleum in the hallway took on interesting characteristics.

During this time, I decided that my dorm room was a dull place to spend my first trip. My college is in rural New Hampshire, and I knew that the natural world outside was much more interesting.

I started my journey down to the lake nearby, about a 5 minute walk from my dorm. It was night, and the lights that lit the walkway took on a very surreal "feel", as in, I could feel the energy that radiated from them. Trails were definitely apparent, and colors took on a saturated and fluorescent feel.

I walked along the edge of the lake, fascinated by the scenery that surrounded me.

The trip became very cerebral- I found my thoughts drifting through concepts of reality. I then walked into the woods that followed the lake where there was little light.

I saw roots and branches that seemed to glow in the dark and take on human like characteristics. The trees around me were conscious beings that were aware of my presence. I'd stop, I would stay a bit, and then the trees would tell me when to go again.

I knelt down to the lake, and touched the water. It startled me quite a bit, because it felt so eerily like the air that I occupied. Water. It took on a whole new meaning and reality that I had never considered and had taken for granted.

I hate to use a cliched reference, but as the trip progressed, I fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

I returned to the courtyard of my dorm, where some of my friends were gathered. I told them about how amazing the trip was-how the grass around me made constantly fluctuating designs. I left the courtyard and returned to my room. My roommate was there, with some of two of my friends.

My yellow coffee mug was gone. I was saddened by the loss of my mug, because I had used it all semester.

One of my friends asked me what time I took the mushrooms, and it was then that I realized that time was meaningless. I could not comprehend the concept or the progression of time or what that meant.

And then, the best part of the trip. One of my friends came to my room and returned my coffee mug. I was so happy, like a reunion with an old friend. It was so yellow, and I was so happy to see it. I smiled.

I broke out into a sweat. My face was dripping. I took off my sweater. I took off my watch. Still sweating-profusely. I went outside. Much better. The trip was good again.

Now alone, I went to an emergency phone and hit the emergency call button. I don't know why, dont ask me. You read that correctly. I told the 911 dispatcher everything about me, where I lived, my full name, my social security number, my parents full names, my dorm room, what I had ingested, everything. Totally irrational.

Next thing I know, I'm sitting in my room with the cops, EMT's, and campus safety. I told them where my weed was (in a locked box under my bed), where my roommate's Volcano Vaporizer was (same place), everything. Totally irrational. They asked, I told. No rational thought.

They gave me a ride in an ambulance to the hospital, where I was stuck with needles and hooked up to heart monitors. The trip was still "good", I wasn't panicking, completely calm, in a good state of mind. This is where I had some mild, brief ESP phenomenon, where I knew exactly what the ambulance personnel were going to say before they said it.

The next thing I know I'm in the hospital. I think they sedated me due to the nature of the drug, although I was very calm and cooperative.

The trip went bad. Looped thought. Terrible looped thought. I was perpetually insane. The life I had lived was gone.

I came out of it. Then spent the rest of the morning in the police station.

I'm still currently dealing with this. A misdemeanor and a felony. I took full responsibility for what they found.

I haven't used drugs since, including alcohol.

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