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Shits and Giggles

I ate 1.

I ate 1.75 grams at 9 am. I was with my buddies conoeing in small rapids. I was the only one shrooming that day. I ate the shrooms and washed them down with a nice glass of juice...45 minutes later i was tripping my balls off. We stopped a little ways down and chilled on an island for a while. I couldnt stop laughing...the more i thought the more i laughed. I was chilling in the water when i started talking to the water and making similar noises to rushing water. i saw purple arrows pointing in different dirrections in the water. I also saw a log raise its head and turn into a deer drinking water. Trees are definatly the best part of the trip...they are always swaying, fighting, etc. when we got back in the boat i had to sit in the middle of the conoe on the floor cause i could not hold onto a paddle. After about 5 hours the trip came down and i began to think more and engaged in many conversations with my friends. The only after affects were sometimes slurring my words for a couple days... but shrooms are crazzyy.

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